Alé launches the spring-summer 2021 collection

ALÉ presents its new collection of cycling clothing for 2021

 Ale Cycling launches the new collection of cycling clothing dedicated to spring / summer 2021

The collection is divided into six macro-families:

  • R-EV1

To these are added: a line of GUSCIO windproof jackets, protective garments from the well-known KLIMATIK® line. and a wide range of accessories to match the jersey graphics, such as gloves, caps, socks, arm warmers / leg warmers or masks.

The R-EV1, PRS and PRR.


R-EV1 is a capsule exclusive collection, that combines style and technology. Their garments are distinguished by the refinement of the concept, the technology of the materials and the detail of the finishes.

It ranges from silver threads to Body Mapping, for a line that offers the latest hi-tech textiles available today and ensures optimal performance in terms of aerodynamics, lightness, style and comfort.

El Silver Cooling jersey It is made partly with silver threads for an antistatic, anti-odor and antibacterial effect and for an ideal maintenance of body temperature even when the heat becomes suffocating.

Alé launches the spring-summer 2021 collection,img_6062c28f667dc
Silver Cooling jersey

Body Mapping technology highlights the areas of the body where heat is concentrated during cycling, allowing Alé to structure the jersey in all its parts, offering lightness and breathability where it is needed.

To highlight the Jacquard fabric on the sleeves and lower part of the back.

El Race 2.0 jersey It is a garment that perfectly combines style, comfort and technicality.

Alé launches the spring-summer 2021 collection,img_6062c283b80b3
Race 2.0 jersey

The use of Aero Check Mesh fabric on the hips makes this garment an ally of aerodynamics and breathability, ideal for any outing.

El Artika jersey It is perfect for the hottest days thanks to the UV 50+ protection and the choice of fabrics for optimal perspiration wicking, such as Ceramic Breeze Skin 120.

Alé launches the spring-summer 2021 collection,img_6062c37948787

The user will only think about performance, forgetting about heat.

The ideal combination for the jerseys in the collection are the Velocity HD Race shorts.

They are the most innovative and aerodynamic product in the Alé range of technical shorts, made entirely with fabrics tested in the wind tunnel, for the least possible drag; a garment that guarantees lightness and a high sensation of freshness, with a fitting race.

 The K-Coldblack shorts are designed to minimize the absorption of sunlight: they prevent heat build-up and provide reliable protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Designed according to the «OPEN» concept, they have a rear opening that favors the dispersion of sweat, minimizing the layers of fabric on the back. The micro-mesh straps are super breathable and comfortable to wear.


This line was created in direct collaboration with the professional teams with whom Alé collaborates, including the World Tour Alé BTC Ljubljana (Women team), Groupama-FDJ and Movistar Team.

It represents the maximum of R&D of Alé in terms of textile research, technical solutions, usability and practicality of the garments.

The use of Body Mapping, fit-race cuts, the high performance in terms of aerodynamics, ventilation, breathability and protection, make them the favorite garments par excellence of professionals and amateurs of the level.

El Bullet jersey, designed for the most demanding and performing activities, it is a light and breathable jersey with antistatic and antibacterial Rap Dry Carbon fabric, with carbon fiber threads. Perfect for warmer days, it offers freshness, lightness and UV protection.

Alé launches the spring-summer 2021 collection,img_6062c2b7585eb
Bullet jersey,

Finally, the Bridge jersey, characterized by the particular graphics with horizontal stripes, guarantees comfort and aerodynamics. Of course, always with the captivating and unique style, typical of the Veronese brand.

Alé launches the spring-summer 2021 collection,img_6062c419f1491

The jerseys from the PRS collection are combined with a wide range of shorts, either in the same color as the graphics or more neutral:


This line is the essence of Alé. PRR is a timeless classic, recognized and appreciated by all the teams that have chosen it over the years: a guarantee of attitude and style, with unique and unconventional graphics.

Alé launches the spring-summer 2021 collection,img_6062c42e5e29d

Cutting-edge technologies and fabrics, a careful study of details, ergonomic fit, lightness and breathability, represent the strengths of a line that is also considered a benchmark for Alé's Custom offering.

Graphic research, as well as technological research, are the heart of this collection.

Imagination runs wild: from the Smile women's leotards, for a seductive and captivating look, and Butterfly, a riot of butterflies and colors, to the lively and bright Stars leotard, to the aggressive and trendy Skull.

Discover all the graphics and styles of the Alé S / S 2021 collection:

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