What is the role of antioxidants?

What is the role of antioxidants? so as to avoid the damage that can be produced by free radicals that are formed during intense exercise. These damages turn into pain and swelling sensation for the muscle, also slow down the recovery of glycogen, can cause DNA damage, decrease aerobic capacity and, therefore, decrease muscle performance. 


- The minerals They have regulatory functions and are part of the structure of many tissues: they constitute bones and teeth, they control body fluids, they are part of enzymes and hormones that are involved in metabolism and some are antioxidants. 

- The vitamins they are of great importance for the maintenance of health, since their lack causes diseases. In addition, they are fundamental for athletes because they are involved in energy metabolism and, as we have said, some of them are powerful antioxidants (A, C, and E)


With 12 vitamins, 9 minerals and antioxidants that come from Green Tea. Increase resistance and ensure all daily needs.


That is why Victory Endurance has developed All Day Energy  thinking about providing energy and covering all the needs of vitamins and minerals that athletes need. In addition to include antioxidants exerts a very important protective function for athletes, since in them there is a greater "oxidative stress" due to training and competitions.


Victory Endurance has launched a promotion with which, in any order over 50 €, an All Day Energy will be added for free.




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