Analysis of the Santini x IRONMAN Enigma Models

Santini x IRONMAN, surprised us a couple of months ago with the launch of the new “Enigma” and “Viper Zephyr” lines designed to offer maximum performance and comfort to the triathlete.

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From Triatlón Noticias, attracted to discover these new models, we contacted the brand to be able to try “Enigma” in the Short and Top format.

We share our conclusions with you.


Santini x IRONMAN Enigma

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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

A model that, despite being Designed as a culotte, it can also be used occasionally as shorts to go running. in transition training, thanks to its comfort and its very thin chamois.

Made with the Compressive and waterproof Fitter fabric It features a high-profile waistband and internal grip with a lightweight chamois.

With a super comfortable fit we can find in the lower part of the leg a super comfortable grip for the quadriceps with silicone points that make it fit snugly and always stay in place.

A triathlete with the Santini x IRONMAN Enigma

Perhaps one of the most outstanding details is its specific IMG chamois for triathlon with Tower Gel core guarantees comfort throughout the race, absorbing shocks on the bike and without absorbing water when swimming.

Its key points to highlight would be:

  • 0Tighter fabric with compressive action
  • Bottom of the legs with internal grip that fits perfectly
  • High profile waist
  • Light and extra comfortable chamois with Tower Gel technology

Other details: With high Anti UV protection, breathability and aerodynamic design, recommended for temperatures between 18 and 35 degrees.

Price: PVPr: 110 €

you can find it here 


This “tank top” shaped top from the Enigma model is designed to ensure a perfect fit and the best performance.

It has mesh sides that offer greater breathability with UPF 30 protection.

A triathlete with the Top Enigma

Thank you to your double back pockets with side slitsThey are practical to store supplements, mobile phone or whatever you need.

It can also be combined with the Enigma triathlon shorts for long distance training if you do not want to wear a trisuit.

Enigma pocket detail


  • Elegant fit
  • Mesh sides with UPF 30
  • Double back pocket with side slits

PVPr: 80 €

Other details: With high Anti UV protection, breathability and aerodynamic design, recommended for temperatures between 18 and 35 degrees.

You can find it here: 


After several weeks testing both the Enigma Short and the Top in different conditions, both on a bicycle and in transitions to running, we can affirm that both products meet expectations.

The lightness and perfect fit of these garments make them ideal options for summer training and competitions.

However, it would be beneficial to improve the anti-UV protection and add zippers on the back pockets for added security.

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