We analyze the new Addsfit "Elite", percussion pistol

ADDSFIT has managed to position itself successfully today among athletes and with 4 outstanding references (Max, Mini, Elite and Mini Pro) within the solutions of percussion-based massage therapy

From Triathlon News we are lucky to try the model "Elite”, Which of course is an excellent quality / price solution and we will tell you about it in detail.

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Technical Specifications

Among its most notable specifications this model has a weight of only 640 grams and 4 speeds (1.600 / 2.100 / 2.600 / 3.100 RPM) being able to reach up to 12 mm of deep tissue.

Both specifications are very important to take into account when looking for a medium / high-performance solution such as this model.

We analyze the new Addsfit "Elite", percussion pistol ,img_60f7a778490fe
The new Addsfit “Elite” in operation

In the box we can also find 5 heads (4 silicone and 1 eva rubber).

Su battery is rechargeable and lasts 15 hours and is extremely quiet (less than 39dB).

We analyze the new Addsfit "Elite", percussion pistol ,img_60f7a77e8dbd1
Addsfit "Elite" heads

These heads have silicone of the highest quality, being also safe, hypoallergenic, providing a high level of comfort while helping to go deeper into the tissues, thus improving blood and lymphatic circulation in soft tissues and muscles.

In its box we can also find a type C fast charger and with a battery capable of lasting 15 hours in use.

We analyze the new Addsfit "Elite", percussion pistol ,img_60f7a7865db8c
Loading the Addsfit "Elite"

This model comes in a lightweight and portable briefcase, making it perfect to use anywhere.

 About percussion-based massage therapy

ADDSFIT is a very valid and reliable option, as an alternative to other traditional tools such as rollerfoam, which offers great benefits for warming up before training or to relax the muscles after a competition.

 Strengths of this model

Addsfit "Elite" is positioned as the perfect balance between professionalism and portability, offering the necessary benefits for the athlete with an excellent quality / price ratio and a reduced size making it more portable

We analyze the new Addsfit "Elite", percussion pistol ,img_60f7a78f2a197
The Addsfit “Elite” box

Who is it for? 

A tool to take into account for athletes both for warm up your muscles prior to a workout as if to recover after a session to activate circulation, relax the muscles and thus also help the lymphatic system to release the waste toxins that have been generated during training, without a large financial outlay.

This type of therapy also can be used for the whole family since it helps circulation and like post-workout it also helps to improve the lymphatic system to anyone who needs it or simply for muscle relaxation

Tasting Scores

  • Design 10/10
  • 9/10 functionality
  • Comfort 9/10
  • Size 10/10
  • Quality / Price 10/10

Where to buy?

Further information: https://www.addsfit.com/products/addsfit-elite-massage-gun

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