Test Reboots One Lite.

It is the best quality / price proposal for the recovery of the German brand

Reboots, They are some compression massage boots that promote a increased blood flow in the legs, so that the waste products of metabolism (such as lactate) are eliminated at a higher rate than when recovering completely passively.

It has 3 Models

What are the differences between the three models?

Test Reboots One Lite. ,img_5facda884c8fd
Reboot One Lite.

The fundamental difference is that the “GO” model is Wireless, and your device to control the different programs, it is very small compared to the other two, being much more portable for both reasons (not needing to be connected to cables and having less weight and size)

The ONE models obviously differ from one another apart from the price, in that the first (ONE) has 8 compression chambers and the second (ONE LITE) has 6 compression chambers. Both have 6 programs

We analyze The Reboots Go Lite

Test Reboots One Lite. ,img_5facda942b3ea
Image of Reboots One Lite.


  • Compression Boots
  • Hose set
  • Control unit
  • Remote control
  • Manual


Reboots is indicated for recovery after a workout, Although it can be used at any time (even people who do not do sports) if you are looking for a relaxing massage and improve metabolism thanks to the fact that it promotes the lymphatic system to eliminate waste products at a faster rate, as indicated.

It can also be used 10 to 20 minutes before a workout to relax the muscles.

How to use it?

Test Reboots One Lite. ,img_5facda9b99e31
Using the Reboots One Lite.
  1.  Connect the hose sets to the Control Unit
  2.  Putting on boots
  3.  Switch on the control unit
  4.  Through the control unit you can select the duration, the program and the pressure. Once you have selected it, click on the play button to start.

As we have commented before, this model that we are analyzing (ONE) has 6 compression chambers and a price € 100 cheaper than its superior "ONE" models.

From our point of view 6 cameras are enough to be able to fulfill the objective that it promises to recover after a workout and activate the lymphatic system to get rid of metabolic waste.

Accessories that you can buy additionally

Through its online store you can also buy other accessories, for example "sleeves”To be able to use the programs on the arms, or a travel bag to transport it made to measure and well protected or even additional boots if you wanted for another person: https://reboots.de/collections

3 tips to keep in mind when using it

Test Reboots One Lite. ,img_5facdaa315847
Reboots One Lite control panel.

If this is your first time using Reboots, select a low pressure

Then you can increase as you tolerate it.

If you select a high one, once the air is in, you will not be able to remove it until the program is lowered and it could hurt you if the chosen pressure is too high.

Test Reboots One Lite. ,img_5facdb692317c

If you wish you can also isolate individual chambers,

If you have a sensitive area or with any injury or type of pain where you do not want to exert pressure.

You can deactivate the inner tubes individually by pressing the buttons that are numbered from 1 to 8 on the remote control

The average wear time recommendation is 30 to 50 minutes for optimal recovery


  • You recover in record time
  • Versatile, not just for workouts
  • We have not seen contraindications
  • 100% meets your goal
  • You can buy the accessory for arms
  • Best quality / price model of the brand


  • It only comes with leg boots, although you can purchase an additional arm accessory
  • Has cables (without cables the GO model)
  • Only 6 compression chambers (ONE model has 8)

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