Take advantage of discounts on Zone3 material

One of the benchmarks in the world of triathlon and open water swimming Zone3 It has an Outlet section with many interesting discounts for triathletes.

Among the materials that can be found in this section are wetsuits, cycling shorts and cycling jerseys, Trituits, swimming goggles, sportswear and many more.

Among the current offers we highlight the following:

Vanquish neoprene

You can find this TOP model of the brand at a price of € 507,50 (RRP: € 725)

Neprene Aspire

This wetsuit ideal for Olympic distances and medium distance has an offer of € 332,50 (RRP: € 475)

Activate + Trisuit

It is a short distance triathlon suit that provides maximum breathability and comfort and can be found at a price of € 84 (RRP: € 120)

You can find all their offers in https://zone3.es/outlet_zone3/

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