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Aptonia, the specific brand of Decathlon for triathlon

The #Tryathlon project will be aimed at beginners and athletes who wish to embark on the triathlon adventure

We already announced it some time ago in a exclusive presentation of the project de Decathlon where they presented us some of the specific triathlon products brand Aptonia under the #Tryathlon project

In recent years, the company, whose parent company is based in Lille (France), has long been interested in triathlon and already offers specific products for the sport in its stores and on its website.

Decathlon already had its own brands such as Aptonia (nutrition), VanRysel (cycling) Kalenji o Kiprun (race on foot) or Nabaji (swimming), but nowadays, under the name of Aptonia, developed especially for the diet part, it will now focus on the discovery of triathlon

Decathlon explores all segments of the sport, from training with the application Decathlon coach (available on Android and Appstore), nutrition (Aptonia), products for running and even elements for massage and recovery.

As for the "goats”, They are not yet in the program, although they do have couplings for road bikes. The shoes will adapt to the practice of triathlon although they will gradually add products.

Aptonia, the specific brand of Decathlon for triathlon
products ap`tonia triathlon decathlon

All news for the triathlon world where this sport will approach every pocket

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