ASICS launches a new version of the GEL-CUMULUS 23

The beloved GEL-CUMULUS ™ is back, more comfortable than ever

ASICS Europe presents the GEL-CUMULUS ™ 23 - the latest update to the iconic GEL-CUMULUS ™ running shoe series.

A benchmark shoe among runners for its versatility, comfort and striking design. The Japanese brand has brought GEL-CUMULUS ™ to the next level, creating an even smoother ride with a higher degree of cushioning.

This improved comfort allows runners to simply focus on enjoying their run, allowing them to achieve A healthy mind in a healthy body, at a time when it has never been so important.

ASICS has designed the GEL-CUMULUS ™ 23 using GEL ™ technology combined with a thicker layer on the midsole of FLYTEFOAM ™ Very light that provides cushioning and comfort, maintaining the reaction of the shoe and lightening the weight.

The incorporation of a seamless mesh upper means the shoe wraps the foot like a second skin, providing an additional layer of comfort for the runner.

ASICS has also taken advantage of its technology 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION ™ to improve footwear, a technology that provides greater comfort and support in specific areas of the sole of the foot, depending on the gender of the runner.

This means that the GEL-CUMULUS ™ 23 is optimized for both men's and women's running styles.

Shuhei Takemura, Performance Running Development Team Manager, Footwear at ASICS said: “Offering a smooth run to keep you running longer. GEL-CUMULUS ™ 23 It is the latest ASICS model that helps everyone achieve a healthy mind in a sound body through sports.

Providing cushioning and comfort while remaining responsive and lighter in weight. is the perfect daily workout for athletes of all levels to engage with our 2021 challenge of move your mind at sunrise and experience the exhilarating power of sport.”

GEL-CUMULUS ™ 23 is available to men and women in physical, online ASICS and Intersport stores starting May 1, 2021, with wider availability starting June 1, 2021

RRP: € 140,00

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