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Are you looking for a Christmas gift for your "running" girl? ASICS has several proposals.

Dare with any terrain without worrying about the weather With this sturdy long sleeve TRAIL JACKET that incorporates a long zipper and a chin guard to prevent chafing. This raglan style garment is reinforced with 3-layer fabric technology.

This trail jacket is designed to:

  • protect you of wind and rain thanks to the technology of the soft external fabric, 3 layers and elastic in 4 directions, which also absorbs moisture from your body
  • stay ventilated thanks to mesh inserts under the arms and complementary vents on the front and back
  • save objects in the zippered pockets on each side
  • avoid chafing and keep warm using flat stitching, soft internal cuffs with thumbhole to protect your hands and an adjustable bottom lanyard for comfort
  • hold your backpack with resistant and anti-slip rubber applications located on the shoulders
  • increase visibility thanks to the contrast of its three colors on the front, in addition to the front ASICS logo and the graphic of Mount Fuji on the back, both reflective

In addition to this jacket you can find many more Running solutions for both girl and boy through its website:

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