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Are you tired of chafing with the heart rate monitor? Kalenji has the solution!

You can already find in Decathlon stores the new Kiprun Cardio T-shirts, the Top-Running Cardio Bra and the ANT + heart sensor that put an end to those annoying scratches of the heart rate tapes.

Three proposals compatible with various brands, among which we highlight its compatibility of the ANT + Heart Sensor with our recommended GPS heart rate monitor - SUUNTO SPARTAN

3 Perfect solutions from the Kalenji brand as an alternative to conventional tape.

Cardiac sensor shirt Man

La Kiprun Cardio t-shirt It is suitable for warm weather and designed for runners who want measure your heart rate without discomfortThis shirt is a second skin to limit movements as much as possible and avoid irritations. It incorporates «Seamless» technology, No seams on the torso to avoid chafing. Through the "Equarea" technology, it keeps the body dry throughout the race.

Es compatible with virtually all brands of heart rate monitors and it has a distance of 4,5 cm between the two automatic machines and a RRP: € 24

Women's heart sensor bra

Bra-Top Running Cardio Designed for women running athletes looking to measure your heart rate without discomfort. Distance of 4,5 cm between the two automatic machines and with a RRP: € 19

Thanks to your technology, «Seamless», without seams, and in only one piece irritations are avoided, and it also has an absorbent material that wicks sweat away, being fully adjustable and having an anti-UV component and treatment that can be dried quickly in the air.

Cardiac sensor bra Woman sensor

Novelty noteworthy is its ANT + cardiac sensor (encoded radio wave that allows communication between accessories) and bluetooth compatible with the Kalenji top and cardio top. It can be used with a cardio frequency meter or a smartphone. Price: € 19

Being compatible with ONmiles 500 / 600 / 700, ONmove 510 / 710, ONcoach, ANT + products (Garmin, Suunto).


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