How to choose the perfect saddle with Selle's Idmatch Smart Caliper?

Help each rider identify the ideal saddle size

The purpose of IDmatch Smart Caliper It is to get right in the choice of the model and the size of the saddle that we need, according to our characteristics and needs.

The technologies of the Idmatch system are designed to guarantee maximum comfort, well-being and performance during sports activity.

Through sophisticated tools and software, Selle Italia has developed the Idmatch system - result of scientific research by Ergoview laboratories - that helps each rider to identify the ideal saddle size and to find the best position on the bike.

Idmatch helps you find the right measurements, alignments and saddle for your physical characteristics, always with a rigorous scientific approach.

How does Idmatch Smart Caliper work?

Idmatch Smart Caliper is a sophisticated anthropometric caliper that automatically determine the ideal type of saddle for each cyclist in terms of comfort and performance.

It works by measuring the waist and pelvis through an internal algorithm based on studies and research on human morphology and scientific measurements to find the ideal saddle size.

Idmatch Smart Calipe relates the data of the precise measurements made to the cyclist and the scientific results obtained in about 30 ”

The goal of Idmatch Smart Caliper is get the right choice of the model and the size of the saddle we need, according to our characteristics and needs.

How is it calculated?

The measurement of the width of the hip, the thigh and the degree of pelvic rotation are the necessary data to determine which is the perfect saddle for the use that we are going to give it.

It is a process that allows you to know in a very short time the best saddle, an almost made-to-measure model, adapted to your biomechanical needs.

The caliper measures the dimensions of the cyclist's pelvis, width of the leg at thigh height and the degree of joint range of the hip in anterior flexion of the thorax.


The intertrochanteric distance is the measurement between the two great tuberosities of the femur; These two points, which must correspond to the support on the saddle, are essential to determine the ideal seat for the cyclist.


The measurement of the diameter of the thighs from the root, compared with the intertrochanteric distance, makes it possible to identify the most suitable saddle shape for each individual.


Knowing the pelvic tilt / rotation allows you to discover the type of saddle capable of offering maximum comfort.

The technology of the Idmatch system allows, under an internal algorithm, to relate the values ​​obtained from each measurement and to determine the saddle model, according to the particular biomechanical characteristics.

These data are associated with the use that will be given to the bicycle, relative to the type of cycling and degree of demand, to guarantee that the choice of the saddle model achieves maximum comfort, well-being and performance during sports activity.

The end result: to precisely obtain the ideal saddle for the physique of each cyclist and for the use they intend to make of it.

About the Selle Italia saddle range

Selle Italy offers 6 size variants divided into two groups: S1, S2, S3 - L1, L2, L3.

The number associated with the size (1, 2 and 3) identifies the presence and width of the central discharge hole (Flow technology). In addition to the traditional saddles, the 'Friction Free' models are also available.

This technology is ideal for cyclists with thick thighs to avoid rubbing the inside of the thigh with the side of the saddle.

Regarding the sizes of the saddles, the size S are narrow, between 131 and 136 mm, while the size L range from 145 mm up to a maximum of 150 mm in width.

La Flow or SuperFlow technology offers a central anatomical release to relieve pressure from the perineal area. This feature guarantees excellent comfort for cyclists with high pelvic rotation.

Thus, the S1 and L1 models are best suited for cyclists without pelvic rotation. They do not have the central cut because their pelvic disposition determines that it is not necessary to relieve pressure in this area.

On the other hand, the S2 or L2 saddles have a reduced central cutout and are suitable for cyclists with medium pelvic rotation that produce pressure and friction during pedaling.

Finally, size S3 or L3, are saddles with a large central cut and SuperFlow, recommended for cyclists with high pelvic rotation.

Saddle Test, the range of saddles available for a free trial

Selle Italia, through its official points of sale distributed throughout the country, offers the cyclist the possibility of trying out the entire range of sizes and models available free of charge thanks to its Saddle Test service.

This option is undoubtedly the best way to ensure that your new saddle is the perfect choice: biomechanical measurement and assessment, determination of the most suitable model according to your sports needs and interests and the possibility of trying different models before deciding on your purchase.

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