Polar Vantange V2 or Pacer Pro. Which one to choose if you are a triathlete?

In this article we want to review the similarities and differences of 2 of the Polar models recommended for the triathlete: Polar Vantage 2 and in new launch of the brand Pacer Pro.

Thanks to the table that we have designed, you will be able to quickly and visually identify the benefits of each one for each athlete's profile, where we also analyze the most important points to help you decide which model is the best for you.

Comparative Polar Vantange V2 / Pacer Pro

PVPR299,90 €499,90 €
Barometer and Altimetry
Turn by Turn Routes
Wrist pulsations
wrist power
Optical pulse sensor
Autonomy35/ 100 hours40 /100 hours
Mobile notifications
24/7 pulse recording
Whaether forecast
Register uploads/downloads
Nutrition and hydration reminders
Training Load pro
Running and Cycling Test
walking test
sleep log
outdoor functions
Recovery Pro
training guide
Serene breathing exercises
fitness test
Waterproof50 meters100 meters
swimming metrics
Color screen
Touch screen
HR Sensor Mode
Weight41 grams52 grams
Measures: 45mm x 45mm x 11,5mm47mm x 47mm x 13mm
Charger type2.01.0

Most notable differential points:


The Vantage V2 features a color touch screen while the Pacer Pro features a color screen.

Another point to keep in mind is that the Brightness of the Pacer Pro screen is adjustable and also the screen is 2mm closer to the glass


As for the battery life of the watch, in the Vantage V2 model it ranges from 40h at maximum precision to 100h in energy saving.

In the Polar Pacer Pro 35h at maximum precision and up to 100h in energy savings

Optical pulse sensor

The new Polar Pacer Pro incorporates the new flat optical pulse sensor, which the Vantange V2 does not have. (but Polar Vantage V2 has wrist-based HR recording with Polar Precision Prime (10 Leds and 4 electrodes))

Recovery Pro

This feature helps you better understand your recovery status based on the results of the Orthostatic Test (which will measure our heart rate variability in recovery) and is only available on the Vantage V2.

Leg recovery test

It is a test that allows you to know the state of recovery of your legs by performing only 3 jumps only available in Vantage V2

outdoor functions

Vantage V2 incorporates several interesting functions for lovers of outdoor sports, such as daylight hours (sunrise, sunset and sunset), location coordinates, compass and automatic registration of the altimetry of the last 6 hours on the main screens.

The Polar Pacer Pro does not incorporate these functions

walking test

This option is a simple and safe way to measure your VO2max.

Just walking 15 minutes on flat ground. Only available on Polar Pacer Pro.

haptic sensor

The Polar Vantage V2, by incorporating a touch screen, allows you to perform laps directly by tapping on the screen.

Víctor Arroyo competing with the Polar Pacer Pro
Eduborrowsport/ Víctor Arroyo competing with the Polar Pacer Pro

Water resistance

In the Vantage V2 model it offers resistance 100 meters while in Polar Pacer Pro it is 50 meters.

Both are swim-friendly and include swim metrics.

Water resistance is indicated under the terms Bar (air pressure), ATM (atmospheres) or meters. The waterproofness of a watch is often indicated in meters.

A common mistake is to assume that the number of meters directly equates to the depth to which the watch is waterproof.

This number of meters should not be taken literally, as it is actually a theoretical indication of the number of meters of static pressure.

Measurements and weight

Vantage V2 is 2mm larger and thicker despite having a similar weight (11g difference)

  • Vantage V2 measures: 47mm x 47mm x 13mm and 52gr
  • Polar Pacer Pro measures: 45mm x 45mm x 11,5mm and 41gr


Polar Pacer Pro's new Charger 2.0 allows for a shorter charging time than Vantage V2.


Polar Pacer Pro allows you to receive notifications while you train.

Who is each model for?

If it is still not clear to you what type of athlete each watch is for, we will give you a brief summary based on our experience.

Both models are ideal for triathlon practice, but it will depend a lot on what type of athlete you are.

El Polar Pacer Pro It includes everything that a high-level athlete needs, since it has almost all the new technologies that Polar offers.

It is ideal for data lovers who like to keep track of training.

The Vantage 2 Like Polar Pacer Pro, it is perfect for all athletes, being very useful for high-level athletes, those who like to collect all possible data to analyze variables and thus adjust their training to achieve maximum performance.

However, it should be noted that this model has additional features to the Pacer Pro that can be very useful:

  • Recovery functions: this option is very interesting, since thanks to its technology it can suggest moments of rest that will allow you to improve your performance.
  • The Outdoor options, since if you are a lover of mountain sports it is important to have all these features that you can see in the table.

Price and where to buy:

Polar Vantage V2

PVPR: € 449,90

Polar Pacer Pro

PVPR: € 299,90

  1. Official Website!
  2. The Amazon

Learn More  https://www.polar.com/

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