COMPEX launches the Compex Ayre, Wireless Compression boots

The brand launches new wireless air compression recovery boots on the market

COMPEX, A leading company in the world of sports electrostimulation, it launches a wireless version of compression boots.

Are the new Compex Ayre ideal for therapists, trainers, elite athletes and amateurs

With the Compex Ayre compression boots. you can feel relief anywhere and anywhere. It is a therapeutic product that uses intermittent pneumatic compression

Compex Ayre, Wireless Compression Boots
Compex Ayre, Wireless Compression Boots

What are they for?

Help to relieve muscle aches from exercise or recreational activities, helping you get a optimal recovery

They are thought to help treat or prevent sore muscles, pain, and swelling of the muscles.

How do they work?

Compex Ayre uses a dynamic compression pulsating on the limbs in waves for the duration of use, helping to promote rapid recovery.

Compex Ayre,
Compex Ayre,


  • It has 4 separate compression chambers that can be used together or independently.
  • Power of compression up to 120 MMHG
  • Rechargeable lithium battery that has 3 hours at full operation.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to exterior and interior coatings
  • Integrated controls, easy to use and wireless
Wireless control of Compex Ayre,
Wireless control of Compex Ayre,


Compex Ayre compression boots have a recommended price of € 599,99 and they can be purchased through the official website of the brand. 

Price drop on Amazon
398,98 €
374,00 €
13 New From 365,00 €
7% -24,98 €
482,99 €
459,98 €
2 New From 459,98 €
6 Used From 409,65 €
5% -23,01 €
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