COMPEX launches the new Fixx 2.0: designed to be elite

Works on the deep muscles

After the successful launch of the model Fixx 1.0, the COMPEX Fixx 2.0 is here.

The technology used by these massagers helps to warm up the muscles before a workout and reduce muscle tension after a hard session.

What makes Fixx 2.0 different?

El Fixx 2.0 model is endowed with five intensity levels associated with a high percussion force, it offers the level of pressure necessary to help relieve stubborn spots safely and comfortably.

The interchangeable heads (included) and a rotating head, help the triathlete to adapt the massage to the specific needs of the different muscle groups.

The removable and rechargeable batteries, a compact design and a quiet motor help provide relief anywhere, anytime.

Use it to help treat / prevent:

Compex Fixx 2.0 impacts muscle groups with a directed percussion massage therapy.

The different speeds allow the user to adapt the massage therapy to their needs.

El deep muscle treatment helps increase blood flow, ease the pain and muscle tension, improve your performance, the range of motion, Prevent injuries y release knots or tensions.

The new fixx 2.0 from COMPEX
The new fixx 2.0 from COMPEX

5 included heads easy to clean


Everyday accessory, ideal for any part of the body


For specific and localized muscle areas


For large muscle areas


Use as a shovel to push out areas with built-up lactic acid


For sensitive areas and the lower back

Heads of the new COMPEX fixx 2.0
Heads of the new COMPEX fixx 2.0

Other data of interest

  • DepthWidth: 16mm
  • Force: 70% deeper than average massage guns
  • Speed: 50 percussions per second
  • Stopping force: 20k

Ideal for:

Those triathletes who after a swimming, cycling or running training seek to relieve pain in muscle areas  either through exercise or recreational activities, helping to avoid injuries yaIncrease performance.

In turn, it is valid for any sport discipline that has these same objectives.

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