Buy a ROTOR potentiometer and take away the gift dishes

The formula for Performance

The range of ROTOR knobsThe market leader allows you to evaluate your performance in the most precise way and to know exactly where you can improve your pedaling technique.

This offer is a response to the confidence placed in ROTOR and includes all ROTOR plates when you buy any ROTOR road or MTB power meter.

INpower® technology improves pedaling efficiency:

  • Optimize your biomechanical pedaling position verifying your power as well as the efficiency in pedaling in each change of position that you apply on your bike.
  • Expand the range of action with each pedal stroke and know more Efficient minimizing dead spots.
  • Optimize the impact of negative forces applied in the ascending phase of pedaling
Christmas Rotor Promotion
Christmas Rotor Promotion

This offer is valid until January 31, 2020.

Products included in the promotion:

  • Q RINGS Direct Mount Oval Road & MTB Chainrings (aero & classic)
  • Q RINGS Spider Mount Oval Road & MTB Chainrings (aero & classic)
  • Direct Mount Road & MTB Round Chainrings (aero & classic)
  • Spider Mount Road & MTB Round Chainrings (aero & classic)
  • The entire previous range of 110BCD x 5 arms
  • Track Dishes 144 × 5
  • Spiders (aero spider, classic spider 110BCD x 4 arms, spider 110BCD x 5 arms)
  • Aero dish crown

Promotion Conditions 

This offer includes all ROTOR plates when you buy any ROTOR DIN Road or MTB potentiometer: 2INpower Road, 2INpower MTB, 2INpower Track, INspider or INpower Road, INpower MTB

The offer applies to 1x or 2x dishes and is valid within the same transaction and cannot be used in previous purchases. Modifications will not be allowed in online orders in transit.

All purchases made in physical and virtual stores attached to the promotion will be valid, as well as in

Terms and conditions available at the following link.

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