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The months of May, July and August are approaching, in which the most important championships in the world of cycling will take place where we will live unforgettable moments in the sport of cycling.

On May 6 we start with the Giro d'Italia; in July, the Tour de France and, in August, our beloved Vuelta a España.

These competitions leave us excited, with adrenaline and expectations. Cycling is one of the most demanding and competitive disciplines; but, at the same time, it adapts to all types of users, thanks to its versatility and the development of new technologies.

Now with the e-bikes or electric bicycles, the world of cycling has become more democratized. Everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can feel like a professional.

Democratization of the world of cycling

For many years, the world of cycling has been surrounded by the stigma of being a sport for the elite only.

The cost of certain accessories, the brands and the popularity of the championships have fueled this reputation.

However, since the birth of the bicycle, in 1817, and to this day, it has been a means of transport for all social classes. 

And now, with the development of new technologies, finding ourselves in the framework of the fourth industrial revolution, even more so.

Mobile applications and social networks have generated jobs for those who only have a bicycle.

E-bikes are enhancing these possibilities, allowing everyone, regardless of age and physical condition, to enjoy the world of cycling. 

The development of e-bikes

Electric bicycles are becoming popular, but the truth is that they had been developing since the years after the emergence of the traditional bicycle.

In 1895, Ogden Bolton Jr registered the patent for the first electric bicycle. Bolton's bike had a hub motor on top of the rear wheel, 6-pole DC batteries, and a collector.

. Right now, it is one of the most requested sustainable vehicles to get around cities. Thanks to Ogden Bolton and all the pioneers for making our lives a little easier, but just as sustainable.

Electric bicycles today

The rudimentary prototype of Ogden Bolton has been developed over the centuries. Electric bikes now feature compact, space-saving electric motors. Even the batteries are not visible on many models. 

These can be used for long urban routes, as well as on trails. And from the electric bicycle, different designs have been developed that respond to different denominations. 

The Pedelec is one of them and it consists of a bicycle where the user will not stop exercising, he will have to pedal.

But, it has a motor that will boost pedaling and help you reach a certain speed more quickly. Models that are ideal for the elderly or people with mobility problems.

They allow them to continue exercising and staying fit, while responding to their condition and pace. 

BIKE24 makes it easy to buy your e-bike online

Entering the BIKE24 website you can choose from a wide catalog of models. Traditional, electric or pedelec bicycles are at your disposal with just one click.

Also, the content on their platform will answer all your questions. You can make a purchase, quickly and safely from the comfort of your home.

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