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From Triathlon News, and thanks to Selle Italia, we give you some "Tips" to take into account when choosing your ideal saddle, something that we have to take into account since it is an essential element in our training and competition. since it influences not only comfort but also our performance.

 Flat or Concave Saddle?

If you have a lot hip flexibility in the hamstrings (hip extensor muscles) flat saddles allow you much more freedom of movement.

However if you are looking avoid pressure In the hamstring area as it is a delicate area, a concave saddle is recommended since you lean on a higher and more stable area, leaving the position of the perineum more relieved and stable.

Flat or Concave Saddle?
Flat or Concave Saddle?

With more or less tip?

At the performance level, it is recommended use pointed saddles, it already allows us to make the most of the force we exert on the pedals.

If we look at professional cycling they always have it since it is essential to achieve good results in competition.

 But if you suffer from numbness, you can try using saddles with less or without a point, since lacking a “nose” we support our weight on the hamstrings.

Against it, it is clearly much more difficult to find them and it will influence your performance. In addition to that at first it can be uncomfortable to carry all the weight on the hamstrings if we are not used to it.

Saddle with more or less tip?
Saddle with more or less tip?

Wide or narrow?

To know if the saddle is the right one for our morphology, the feeling about him, is the one that will clarify most of the doubts.

If when we pedal we achieve that the perineum area barely has pressure and most of the load goes on the bones, this is the saddle that will help us pedal more comfortably.

Apart from this, there are tools that help you find out which one best suits your morphology, such as idmatch Smart Caliper from Selle Italia (

With hole or without hole?

It is clear that saddles with a hole help release pressure in the perineal area. Although a well-chosen saddle with a height and inclination that is the perfect measure for you, it can also give you good results

Saddle with hole or without hole?
Saddle with hole or without hole?

An easy way to find out the ideal saddle?

If despite all these recommendations, you still have doubts about which saddle to choose, we recommend you take a look at idmatch Smart Caliper is a sophisticated anthropometric caliper developed by the renowned cycling brand Selle Italia.

How does Idmach calculate the size of the saddle you need?

The measurement of the width of the hip, thigh and the degree of pelvic rotation are necessary data to determine which is the perfect saddle for the use that we are going to give it.

It is a process that allows you to know in a very short time the best saddle, an almost made-to-measure model, adapted to your biomechanical needs.

Thanks to the caliber they have, the dimensions of the cyclist's pelvis, width of the leg at thigh height and the degree of joint range of the hip in anterior chest flexion are measured.

 As you see, eThis tool helps you automatically determine the ideal saddle type for you in terms of comfort and performance, without having any doubts when it comes to your choice.

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