What things must be taken into account when choosing your wetsuit?

Choosing a neoprene is not as easy as it seems

The purchase of a neoprene for the practice of swimming in open water or a triathlon is an important purchase and is necessary know some guidelines to choose it correctly.

Zone3, a leading brand and world reference in specific swimming equipment for open water, gives us the guidelines, which in his opinion it is necessary for every athlete to know.

What are the differences between wetsuits from different sports?

It is a common mistake to think, for example, that surf suits, which can be found in a large store, can be used to do a triathlon or swimming,

There many differences between types of neoprene, although the most important is the thickness of the tissues and the swimming speed that can be done with them.

Costumes tri and swim neoprene are designed to make you faster in the water and they are less focused on thermal insulation, due to the body temperature that is reached when swimming, much higher than that which is reached on a surfboard.

Wetsuits Zone3 they are designed to improve body position in the water and allow efficient movement while swimming.

This is achieved by combining neoprene panels that provide adequate buoyancy and that in turn are as flexible as possible so that the suit is as comfortable and tight as possible.

What are the functions to expect from a wetsuit?

Swimmer with zone3 wetsuit in pool
Swimmer with zone3 wetsuit in pool

Before deciding on one brand or another, it is important to do your own research.

The wetsuit that can be worth a friend / clubmate, one with a better price, etc. It cannot be the best choice, since as with clothing, each athlete is different and you have to choose the model that best suits your needs.

The most important point you have to keep in mind when choosing a wetsuit is fit, and it has to be above price, brand, design, colors, etc.

Other key points to keep in mind are the following:

  • Have to provide additional flotation
  • Mustreduce water resistance
  • Has to offer a degree of comfort in colder waters.

Choose the correct size

Once you have chosen with the previous points and the brand of your wetsuit, it is time to choose the size.

The Zone3 brand has two easy-to-understand settings for the athlete, the comfortable fit and performance fit depending on the use and experience of the athlete

On some models, an athlete can use several sizes and that is why we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • If you haven't used a wetsuit beforeThe idea is to opt for a larger size, as it allows you a more comfortable fit.
  • In case that have you already used neoprene and you are looking for performance, you have to choose a size smaller.

Sizing example:

Example sizes neoprene zone3
Example sizes neoprene zone3

The Zone3 brand has two easy-to-understand settings for the athlete, the comfortable fit and performance setting depending on the use and experience of the athlete

Models Advance and Vision have a slightly straighter cut around the torso, designed to improve comfort

The premium fabrics, most present in the models Advance y Vanquish, focuses more on performance, leaving comfort in the background.

The Zone3 Aspire and Vanquish wetsuits have been designed to be compressive around the legs and torso, maintaining full freedom of movement in the shoulders and arms.

How to put on the neoprene?

Athletes putting on a zone3 wetsuit
Athletes putting on a zone3 wetsuit

You have already chosen your wetsuit and it is time to try it on, there is something very important you have to do to put it on and that is always take the suit from the inside, avoiding not damaging the neoprene with your fingernails on the outer fabric.

IF it is the first time you wear, one take your time and put it on without haste, because if you accelerate you could break it.

In this video you can see how to put on the neoprene:

Steps to put on the wetsuit

Start by pulling on the legs to insert your feet, holding the neoprene inside the suit and lifting the legs up.

The end of the leg should be 1 to 15 cm above the ankle.

Be careful not to damage the neoprene with your fingernailsYes, grab from the inside and work your way up to the hips and snug at the crotch.

Once you have it adjusted in the lower body it is time to place it on the arms and shoulders.

When you have it on, ask help someone to help you close the zipper (it is the simplest) and be careful that the inner flap of the zipper does not wrinkle or fold

Zone3, has a wide range of wetsuits for all types of athletes.

You can check its entire catalog at the following link: https://zone3.es/

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