How long does an inflatable paddle surf board last?

For some time now, inflatable paddle surf boards have entered the market with force due to their ease of use, transport and storage. Without a doubt we are talking about the fashionable sport that allows people of all ages to enjoy the sea.

The materials with which inflatable paddle surf boards are built are similar to those used in the manufacture of inflatable boats.

If it is about quality boards like those of paddle surf, the duration of this can easily exceed two years of life.

They use a technology that is based on durability in the face of weather factors and the wear and tear of water and the sun.

A good manufacturer uses highly reliable materials and with the advantage of not suffering from the problems of hard boards such as dents and holes.

How long does an inflatable paddle surf board last? ,table_paddle-surf_hincable
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Another advantage of inflatable paddle surf boards is that they are much more recommended when navigating rivers due to the impact of the rocks. In fact, more and more schools and board rental shops are opting for the inflatable version to minimize the damage they may suffer during handling or carelessness.

More advantages of inflatable paddle surf boards

If you fall off an inflatable board you will injure yourself less due to the stiffness of the rigid boards. You will also get less tired since being on an inflatable paddle board guarantees that your feet will be more comfortable due to the minimum contact pressure.

An inflatable board is more light and easy to carry down to the water. They can also be checked for air travel and easily rolled up for transport in any vehicle. When storing it, you can place it on a shelf without any problem.

The inflatable paddle surf board can paddle in different states of the water, both in calm waters and on small waves, and if the quality is guaranteed, also in rough waters because they gain stability due to a higher volume percentage.

Inflation and deflation of paddle surf boards

The time depends on the volume of the board and the pump. We could say that the average is about 10 minutes.

The only difference between a manual and an electric inflator is the effort it will cost you, but the time will be the same.

Deflating the board will only take a few minutes. As soon as you open the valve, the air begins to rush out. Starting from the end opposite the valve will speed up the deflation process.

If you are going to leave your paddle surf board under the sun for a long time, remember that it can increase in volume due to the heat, so it is advisable to deflate it a little to avoid possible damage.

Care of the inflatable paddle surf board

They do not require great care apart from rinsing it with fresh water if you have used it in salt water and remember not to leave it too long in the sun without wetting it from time to time.

Obviously the table does not have an expiration date, but if you take a little care and get hold of a guarantee model like the ones from  Stand up paddle, the useful life of this will lengthen remarkably.

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