Care of a wetsuit, repairs and glue for wetsuit

In this article we will guide you on what is the best way to treat your wetsuit, repairs and glue so that they can enjoy as many surf sessions together as possible.

Products you can buy to take care of your wetsuit

Wash your wetsuit and do it regularly! The most important tips are:

Rinse with plenty of fresh water after surfing (for example, in the soap for cleaning wetsuits WETKUBE Cleaner).

Use special detergents for neoprene (for example, NeopreneClean). Never wash your wetsuit in the washing machine (you will destroy the material)!

Do not wash with hot water in the shower (water over 40 degrees tenses the neoprene). After washing, hang on a hanger or crossbar and dry in the shade (not in the sun!).

What types of wetsuits are there?

Wetsuits come in different thicknesses and styles.

Surfing in autumn and spring is done with a thickness of 3/2, in winter sometimes 4/3 is needed and in summer the so-called shorty or simply board shorts are enough. A shorty is a wetsuit with short arms and legs.

It is best to find out before you buy a wetsuit when you want to surf in it and what the local water temperatures are. Of course, personal sensitivity to cold also plays a role.

TOP Best neoprene care products

So that nothing goes wrong with him. neoprene care, you need soaps, disinfectants and glues to maintain its usefulness and use.

Effective wetsuit care starts with a good wash and care when drying, if anything breaks over time, thankfully specially developed neoprene adhesives are available that can repair holes and torn seams in no time.

La neoprene garment repair requires a specific glue that does not harden the fabric. After gluing, in fact, it must remain smooth without creating break points.

This is a black neoprene adhesive super strong, long lasting and quick drying in a 30ml pack. You can repair damage to your wetsuit yourself.

Glue to repair neoprene Cressi

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As of March 25, 2023 19:29


  • Contact adhesive for the repair of wet or dry suits.
  • Suitable for a quick repair of scratches and tears in your wetsuit.
  • Especially suitable for neoprene joints with seams or edges, where the rubber is directly joined to each other.
  • 30g tube supplied.

Pasting is the easiest way to repair a wetsuit. And the wetsuit repair: child's play with this glue!

With SCUBAPRO wetsuit glue, you can easily repair small tears and holes in your wetsuit yourself. Simply apply it, let it dry and your wetsuit is ready for the next dive.

Adhesive glue to repair neoprene

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  • Special adhesive to quickly repair small holes and cracks.

The popular classic in the category of neoprene detergents. you can use this wetsuit soap on your carefree surf trip.

For best results, leave on for 15-30 minutes. Then your wetsuit will not only feel smooth and well-groomed, it will also smell fresh again.

WETKUBE Cleaner Wetsuit Cleaning Soap -

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  • Designed to care for and protect your wetsuit. Maintains elasticity.
  • Eliminates traces of salt, chlorine, organic waste and bacteria, ensuring total cleaning. Suitable for washing in the washing machine.
  • Eliminates bad odors leaving a pleasant smell of clean clothes.
  • It can be used in any fabric, lycra, plastics, life jackets...
  • Composition: Water, Lactic Acid, non-ionic surfactants and perfume. According to Sanitary Technical Regulation (RD 770/1999)

Another highly recommended neoprene detergent is NeopreneClean.

The formula disinfects, deodorizes and preserves elasticity, but also ensures that all sea salt and algae residues are removed from the material and counteracts unpleasant odors by killing bacteria.

For the best washing result, you should mix the washing lotion with a few liters of water (max. 30 degrees) and wash the wetsuit by hand.

Neoprene Clean 500 ml.

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  • Much more than a detergent. Designed to care for and protect your wetsuit.
  • Deodorizes, disinfects, cleans and preserves the elasticity of the neoprene while leaving a pleasant aroma in a single application.
  • It can be used on any neoprene, lycra, plastic, life jacket fabric... 100% Biodegradable.
  • With lactic acid to eliminate dirt and bad odors while preserving the elasticity of the neoprene.
  • Product recommended by the Spanish Surfing Federation in its biosafety protocol.

To disinfect neoprene and preserve elasticity

Why should I wash my wetsuit?

If you want to take care of your wetsuit, there are detergents specially designed for it. They bring new freshness without affecting the properties of your wetsuit.

Many Advantages of using neoprene care products. Basically, you contribute more to the long life of your wetsuit if you first rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after every surf session.

Washing a wetsuit will help it dry faster. Thorough rinsing with fresh water ensures that not only adhering sand and algae end up in the drain, but also sea salt.

Why buy neoprene care products

Washing the wetsuit is essential to extend its useful life. Also, when it comes to wetsuits, it is always worth choosing a manufacturer with high quality standards that guarantees proper maintenance over time.

Avoid washing your wetsuit directly in the washing machine, it will end up spoiling in a short period of time. There is nothing worse you can do to your suit. neoprene to put it in the washing machine.

Therefore, it is better to regularly take a minute to wash the wetsuit manually with special products after surfing so you can enjoy your neoprene suit for a long time.

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