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Decathlon launches its reusable face mask

Decathlon launches its first reusable mask suitable for sports practice.

According to the brand specifications, these Masks may wash or sanitize up to 500 times and comply with the UNE065.2020 filtration specification.

It is a hygienic mask reusable for sports use that protects the airways against bacteria, particles, pathogens, etc.


  • It meets the UNE065: 2020 specification. Filtration of 90%.
  • It adapts optimally to the head thanks to the composition of lycra and elastane
  • Reusable up to 500 washed or sanitized.
  • 2 sizes. SIZE M - 57 cm, Size L - 60 cm head contour.
  • Differential pressure <60 (pa / cm2)

Indicated for sports practice

It is indicated for moderate sports in the open air and quickly evacuates the humidity produced by not very intense physical activity.

Decathlon mask
model with Decathlon mask


Its sale price is 14,99 euros.

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