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Decathlon launches a new cycling textile collection with custom range

The Vestta collection responds to the requests of the most loyal users of this sport

Decathlon throws the new collection of cycling clothing Vestta, for sale in selected stores and the online channel.

It is a range produced in Spain, by a textile company dedicated to the manufacture of cycling garments for more than two decades.

The new Vestta collection It is made up of a catalog of products carefully selected to respond to all needs.

Thought for the clubs

Specifically, the Pro kits, Navigation comfort and an even wider range technique called Pro +, in addition to a complete range with all the accessories necessary to respond to the club, such as socks, vests or long-sleeved jerseys.

The name of the new collection is not chosen at random and is that its etymology comes from the Latin: clothing / vestire, which in turn comes from the ancient Indo-European root wes.

In addition, for the first time, those who wish to can personalize the clothing in this new cycling collection by creating their own design with slogans, colors, sponsor, etc., based on the Vestta collection.

From now on, users will be able to see, touch and even try the product in stores and decide which garment they want to personalize.

"This new collection will allow us to respond to a regular demand from the most faithful cyclists who usually go out riding organized in clubs or groups of friends and, in addition, guarantee our promise of quality and price," said José María Joya, commercial director. of Decathlon Cycling.

The customization offer will be available from August starting from five quantities and with delivery times of between 30 and 40 days.

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