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DECATHLON presents its novelties for triathlon

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The team Nabaiji does not stop innovating, proof of this are the solutions presented by the past 5 of October to the specialized media during the event held at the Club Deportivo Las Encinas de Boadilla.


Within all the new range and novelties presented what most surprised us without a doubt is the new backpack designed for training and competition (PVPr 19.99 €). This backpack in addition to having a large amplitude has several compartments including one for fins and the table. With capacity of 34 liters has a waterproof finish on the outside and a small "waterproof" bag inside to store wet clothes.

material_novedades-decathlon-swimming DECATHLON presents its novelties for triathlon Articles Sports equipment

Another outstanding accessory for the triathlete are the new PRO QUICK'IN shovels as well as the Long and rigid fins Topfins, which represent a step forward for those who want to improve their technique, next to the already recognized Pull Kick NRJA apt both to help in the inferior work as superior.

For its part, the blades give the possibility of improving muscle work and improve swimming speed, they are easy to put on and take off as they are placed quickly thanks to their patented quick'in aileron, with a precise and painless adjustment.

For the lower part Nabaiji has developed new, longer and stiffer fins that also improve muscle work as well as the frequency of batting which also helps improve cardiovascular work.

Other novelties presented by the brand were the flip flops Topslap just like him fine swim suit for women and B-fast competition swimsuit for men and a wide variety of swim goggles 100% adjustable depending on the needs of each.


Comfortable, fast for transitions and 100% adjustable, this is the new proposal in Nabaiji wetsuits. With two formats: sleeveless (99,99 €) and with sleeves (129,99 €), they have 2,5 mm in thickness in the torso and are designed to swim in waters between 18º and 23ª and with great buoyancy in addition to offering a great ease of use that allows you to put it on and take it off quickly.

Thinking of the coolest, or when the temperature is more extreme, the new neoprene cap has also been developed with a pvpr of 9.99 € in promotion.

material_new-neoprene-decathon DECATHLON presents its novelties for triathlon Articles Sports equipment

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