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Decathlon and Aptonia present the news of triathlon products

Decathlon launches Aptonia, its brand specialized in triathlon

Triathlon has become a booming sport and there is no doubt that every day this demanding Olympic sport has more fans.

To meet the needs of the triathlon practitioner, Decathlon, a leading company in Europe dedicated to the design, sale and distribution of sports equipment, and Aptonia, your brand specialized in triathlon, present their nproduct stocks for the equipment that the triathlete needs, Nutrition products and recovery accessories for before, during and after tests.

The official presentation of this new range to triathlon media and influencers took place this morning at the Las Encinas Club in Boadilla del Monte and, during its course, attendees had the opportunity to try the new neoprene from Aptonia in an open water aquathlon and exchange opinions on the product with the experts from Aptonia and Decathlon.

In the words of Jon Zumaquero, commercial director of triathlon sport for Aptonia: «With the aim of making accessible and easy the practice of triathlon to all sports users, Decathlon and Aptonia develop this new range of products, aimed at both people who decide to discover this sport for the first time and those who are in a improvement phase".

The main promise of new neoprene hombre y mujer of Aptonia is freedom of movement y thermal insulation to swim with temperatures between 16 and 24º. It also highlights its buoyancy, since the neoprene of 4mm on the hip and legs improves horizontality. Also, this wetsuit is easy to put on and take off thanks to the inverted zipper Its cut and the protective flap at the nape prevent chafing.

Su market price, € 98,99, It is another of its main competitive advantages.

Decathlon wetsuitDecathlon wetsuit

Among the entire range of triathlon products presented, the new line of energy bars also stands out, providing the vitamins and minerals that the triathlon athlete needs.

Aptonia Decathlon range

Aptonia Decathlon range
Decathlon and Aptonia present the novelties of triathlon products


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