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Already available in Europe the new Dharma of Spiuk

Spiuk has incorporated SUPERCAGE technology. A reinforced polypropylene + ABS front case, extraordinarily solid piece

The new helmet model of SPIUK, the DHARMA, comes to the market with the clear idea of ​​becoming the reference model of the brand and one of the most prominent within the cycling market. After its presentation at the fair EUROBIKE´13 and the success of its premiere by the Caja Rural in La Vuelta a España, lands in the best cycling and triathlon establishments in Europe.

This is undoubtedly one of the big bets of the cycling accessories brand, the result of almost two years of work in search of improving the four pillars of an excellent helmet aimed at high competition: lightness, comfort, ventilation and above all security. The Dharma combines Spiuk's best know-how and the latest technological advances within the reach of cycling development.

One of the aspects in which the Spiuk Design Department has worked the most is the weight and helmet ventilation. To maintain quality and high safety, Spiuk has incorporated the technology SUPERCAGE. A reinforced front casing Polypropylene + ABS, an extraordinarily solid piece, which also allows to expand the size of the openings, which means a significant increase in the air intake that cools the forehead and temporal areas of the head. In the section on safety, the use of CONEHEAD technology, an EPS injection system that allows the integration of two different densities of the protective foam, stands out.

In the case of a helmet for professional use, DHARMA has not neglected its competitive essence. Thus, the new SPIUK model includes an aerodynamic closed housing, very easy to put on and take off. Perfect tool for moments when speed prevails. A novelty with a excellent reception in the field of triathlon but also among the sprinters of the professional teams that have already been able to try it in La Vuelta a España.

In fact, in 2014 there will be several professional teams and triathletes who will use the Dharma in international competitions: the Caja Rural, Bretagne-Seche, BH Suntour with the world champion Julie Bresset in front, the Orange Monkey, the UCI team of Pista Eustrak as well as triathletes Eneko Llanos, Ivan Raña, Mario Mola...

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