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They design a vest with airbag to protect the cyclist

This vest, equipped with an airbag inside, that inflates as soon as it detects a fall

The French company Helite has designed a specific vest for cyclists that has a air bag which will protect in case of fall or accident.

Helite is a company specialized in the development of jackets and vests with airbags for motorcycles and has now made the leap to the cyclist, with the intention of helping one of the most unprotected groups on the roads, cyclists.

This B'Safe vest It has been presented in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show and is equipped with an airbag inside, which inflates as soon as it detects a fall.

The product It has two sensors: one equipped in the saddle and another in one's own vest. The first is in charge of analyzing the surface and the second examines both the position and the speed of the driver.

When the sensors detect that the rider has started to fall, they signal the vest to inflate. The sensors are capable of detect the fall just 60 milliseconds after it occurs. For what a cyclist can avoid a stronger blow and the possible injuries that can bring the impact on the asphalt or any other element.

According to the developers, it only needs 80 milliseconds to inflate itself, so in just 140 milliseconds it will swell and will protect the cyclist in the event of an accident.

This company launched last year a belt designed to prevent hip fractures in elderly people.

The vest is not yet for sale but will be soon.

Further information:   https://cyclist.helite.com

Photo: Cnet

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