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Enjoy the summer with Polar offers

Polar, a leader in technology applied to sports and wearables for athletes for more than 40 years, presents us with an unmissable opportunity this summer with exclusive discounts on its most popular fitness and multisport products.

Take advantage of up to 35% off a selection of devices designed to improve your performance and take your training to the next level.

Polar Grit X Pro: Challenge your limits this summer

El Polar Grit It is a watch designed for the most demanding. With a sapphire crystal and a long-lasting battery, this device is ideal for those looking for durability and precision in their workouts.

It includes innovative navigation and outdoor features, plus Polar's best training solutions. Currently, you can enjoy a 35% off on this amazing device.

Ignite range: Take your fitness to the next level

For those looking for a stylish and functional fitness companion, the range Polar Ignites it is the perfect option.

El Polar Ignite 3 / Titanium is a watch that not only tracks your sleep, activity and heart rate, but also offers you personalized advice tailored to your body and lifestyle. This summer, you can get it with a 30% off.

Furthermore, the Polar Ignite 2 is a simple, smart watch that provides personalized training, recovery and sleep guidance.

Its elegant design makes it an accessory that you won't want to take off all day. Take advantage of a 15% off in this versatile fitness companion.

Polar Unite: Now with a 30% discount

El Polar Unit offers personalized daily training guides, continuous heart rate tracking and 24/7 activity tracking.

It also automatically monitors sleep and nighttime recovery, helping you understand your body better. This summer, enjoy a 30% off in this complete fitness watch.

Polar Verity Sense: Optical Heart Rate Sensor

El Polar VeritySense It is an optical heart rate sensor that provides maximum freedom of movement and multiple options to record your workouts.

With Bluetooth®, ANT+ connections and internal memory, you can connect this device to applications or watches to view data in real time or analyze it later.

Take advantage of a 20% off and optimize your performance with the precision and versatility of Polar Verity Sense.

Immerse yourself in incredible Polar offers

Don't miss the opportunity to equip yourself with the best in sports technology. Visit the official Polar website at Polar Summer Offers and discover exclusive discounts on a wide range of products designed to improve your sports performance and well-being.

From advanced sports watches to innovative heart rate sensors, find everything you need to take your training to the next level.

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