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Invisible training: Include the Foam Roller in your workouts

The use of foam roller helps release muscle tension, improves muscle blood flow and can help prevent contractures.

On many occasions we have mentioned the importance of invisible training, those factors that help us to recover, assimilate and improve performance beyond the training session itself.

Today we bring you one more medium, the foam roller, With the help of BLACK ROLL.

What is the Foam Roller?

El foam roller best known is a foam cylinder It comes in various formats in terms of hardness and surface (smooth or grated).

Various forms emerged from it in order to offer a versatile use in all the muscles of the human body

How does it work?

El foam roller iNcide on muscle fascia, a connective tissue that covers and connects our entire organism, from bones and muscles to cells.

Sometimes this tissue undergoes tensions that cause pain points. The use of foam roller help the release of muscle tension, improvement of blood supply muscle and can help you prevent contractures

For this we must make small shoots on the muscle that we want to work by making certain pressure, with the own body weight.

Which one should I choose?

Depending on the use you are going to give it, this will be your choice. Usually the smallest shapes are geared to be used more specifically in muscles or areas that require a larger incision or are more difficult to reach with a Rollerball cylindrical.

Eg to release the plantar fascia we can use a Rollerball small or a ball, while for the musculature of the legs we use the large cylinder and for the musculature of the neck the one that is shaped like a peanut or double ball.

Regarding the choice of the hardness must be done depending on the sensitivity to pressure and body weight of the person. BLACKROLL offers us 3 types of hardness to choose from (soft, medium and high). At large ranges we can tell you that the most used is the medium hardness.

Finally, the surface of the Rollerball Cylindrical can be smooth or rough. The rough surface falls deeper into the muscles and is commonly used for muscle activation.

Invisible training: Include the Foam Roller in your workouts

When should I use it?

You can use it both before training and after training. Depending on the time you choose to use it, the objective will be different.

When we use it from pre-training form we are looking for a muscle activation or warm-up, for this, the exercises or filming are done faster than when we use it after training in order to relax and recover the worked muscles. In this second case it is recommended to make slower shoots for each muscle.

So you can get an idea, use it for warm up can employ you one second each shoote, while if the goal is recoverr, you must use three seconds on each shoot. In total, 30 to 90 seconds of shooting are usually used in each muscle.

Are there any contraindications?

In general we can tell you that you should avoid rolling over areas with skin wounds, control the intensity of the stimulus (discomfort is not the same as pain) and consult with professionals (physiotherapists, doctors and trainers) its use for specific cases of injury rehabilitation.

Therefore, the three situations in which you should avoid its use are redness, inflammation and acute pain.

If you still have doubts about whether or not to include it in your training routines, stay tuned to our news that we will shortly tell you about our experience after a month using BLACKROLL.

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Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes
Dra. Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport
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