Choose wisely your 3 cycling layers this season

It's not about dressing like a PRO, it's about dressing comfortably.

If you are planning your departure for the weekend, and the weather is not what you expected, do not worry, because this is no longer a problem!

Now thanks to the development of new technologies and fabrics that protect us while wicking sweat, You will be able to choose the appropriate garments that protect you and thus enjoy your road or MTB route to the fullest.

And it is not a question of dressing like a PRO, it is about dressing comfortably.

From Triatlon Noticias, and thanks to the collaboration with SANTINI, we want to give you some guidelines so that you can correctly choose your kit for this winter

Santini cycling winter jacket for the cold
Santini cycling winter jacket for the cold

CHOOSE YOUR LAYERS WELL: 3 recommended for cold, windy and rainy days

As we all know the Optimal body temperature range is between 36,5 and 37,5 degrees. In order to maintain it, it is important to the time that we have garments that do not make us lose our own heat, do not increase it either.

This is why you have to wear clothes that perspire the sweat that is generated when doing sports.

The basis of being well equipped in our winter outings is to have the necessary layers that externally protect us from air, cold and rain but what internally while helping us stay dry and help the body to expel that sweat without our clothes having moisture.

Santini women's cycling gear for cold weather
Santini women's cycling gear for cold weather

First layer:

Depending on the outside temperature we will choose without short or long sleeves or even without sleeves and that has a fabric that helps expel this sweat and that the body is dry.

First layer man:

First layer woman:

Second layer

Coat that retains body heat but lets moisture out. Depending on the temperature, we can choose a mid-season jersey or a thicker one for winter and long sleeves.

Men's long sleeve jersey:

Women's long sleeve jersey:

Men's shorts:

Women's shorts:

Various Santini cycling models for the cold
Various Santini cycling models for the cold

Third layer

That is where we must protect ourselves from the wind or / and water, choosing fabrics that allow this interior moisture to evacuate as they are breathable while not allowing exterior moisture to pass inside in the event of rain.

Men's jackets:

Women's jackets:


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