Polar and Look make the difference in power training

The new pedals Polar Look Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart they are the best tool to analyze power training combined with heart rate measurement.



These are some of the features that make the difference: 

  • Maximum lightness, precision and ease of installation (change between bicycles)
  • Force vector - measurement of the force exerted on the pedal
  • Bluetooth Smart® technology - compatible with Polar V800 and any product that uses this technology
  • Medium power
  • Planning and detailed analysis in the App and the online service Polar Flow.
  • Setting training views
  • Autostart - automatic start
  • Compatible with any type of connecting rod


Available in two packs:

Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart: system premium which includes two Look Kéo Power pedals and two Bluetooth Smart ™ POLAR transmitters. Measure the power (in watts), left / right balance, cadence and cyclist efficiency.


Kéo Power Essential Bluetooth® Smart: more economical pack It includes a pedal that measures the power, a standard pedal and a transmitter. It is ideal for cyclists who want to know the total power without having to obtain an analysis of the balance between the left and right leg.  


PVP Look Kéo Power Bluetooth® Smart: 1.700 €

PVP Look Kéo Power Essential Bluetooth® Smart: 999 €



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