• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

INVERSE Ultralight Summer Triathlon Jerseys and Suits

With the arrival of summer, triathletes are looking for equipment that allows them to face the heat without sacrificing performance.

INVERSE, with its solid track record in technical sportswear, presents its newThe collection of ultralight jerseys, specifically designed to offer maximum breathability and comfort in extreme heat conditions.

INVERSE Ultralight Jerseys

The collection stands out for including models such as the DRACO OXFORD jersey, INTI HUNTER jersey (UNISEX) and SENSE ALLIANCE jersey, each with unique features adapted to the needs of cyclists and triathletes.

El DRACO OXFORD jersey It is characterized by its open-structure elastic fabrics that facilitate sweat evacuation, an aerodynamic pattern and an interior silicone grip on the waist for an optimal fit.

In addition, it includes three lumbar pockets and a fourth with a zipper, incorporating the ISP – Inverse Safe Pocket – system that guarantees the security of personal items during the tour.

In turn, the INTI HUNTER jersey (UNISEX) offers a unisex and ultralight design, with three highly breathable fabrics strategically placed to improve body ventilation.

Like the DRACO OXFORD, it has a fourth zippered pocket, ideal for the most demanding training and competitions.

El SENSE ALLIANCE jersey, designed specifically for women, not only ergonomically adapts to the female body, but also includes similar features to the other models, ensuring the same level of functionality and comfort.

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Inverse summer triathlon suits
Inverse summer triathlon suits

INVERSE triathlon suits stand out for their design focused on the specific needs of triathletes.

They offer a water-repellent finish that repels water, optimizing gliding during swimming and accelerating drying in transitions. The elasticity and lightness of the fabric guarantee total freedom of movement, crucial in the various stages of the triathlon.

Additionally, these trisuits are equipped with the Evolution Trim on the neck and armholes, which minimizes chafing and adjusts the garment to the body to block the entry of water and air.

Other details such as elastic zipper and elastic mesh pocket, Located in the lumbar area to quickly expel water and store nutritional bars, they reinforce the functionality of the trisuit.

Also, the micro-perforated elastic band with hypoallergenic silicone grip and the flat seams, designed to adapt to all athlete positions, contribute to an unprecedented wearing experience, focused on performance and comfort.

Furthermore, they allow personalization with the triathlete's “nickname” for an additional price of only €4,00 + VAT.

For more information about the products and points of sale, interested parties can visit the INVERSE website

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