Exercycle, the BH Smart Bike

The BH Smart Bike, Exercycle, It has been created for those who appreciate the details that bring them closer to authentic cycling when they decide to pedal at home.

Its geometry, its precise watt measurement and its extensive connectivity options make it the perfect indoor bike for the most demanding cyclists.

La collaboration between BH Fitness and BH Bikes It has served to unite the best of two worlds. The experience in the world of BH Fitness indoor sports machines and the knowledge of BH Bikes when it comes to manufacturing world-class road bikes.

Pedaling with a BH Aerolight in the comfort of your living room is now possible. No annoying noises, no complicated rollers and no need to touch your regular bike.

The Exercycle was born as the Smart Bike that a cyclist would design. All those little details that allow riders to see the Exercycle as a family machine have been listened to and worked into.

has taken the geometry of the BH Aerolight as a starting point, so the first pedal strokes on the Exercycle will take you directly to what you feel when you pedal on the asphalt.

The ability to customize the contact points with the bike It is a key section in the sensations that experienced cyclists have when they use an exercise bike.

For this reason, the Exercycle allows you to use your own saddle and your own pedals, plus all the position adjustment options you can imagine. Thanks to this it covers the equivalent of bicycle sizes from S to XL.

Got a Q-Factor (distance between the axles of the cranks) very reduced, of only 152 mm, another point that brings the Exercycle closer to the pedaling sensations we feel when riding a road bike.

Not only the position is important when replicating outdoor cycling on a Smart Bike. The way the resistance is applied is vital to perceive a natural effort.

That is why it has been used EMS resistance system, an electromagnetic system that traces the resistance offered by the asphalt when rolling.

It is a system that is used in other types of fitness machines, but rarely found in a smart bike like the Exercycle.

To modify the resistance is as simple as resorting to the integrated changes in the levers, a completely intuitive gesture that also allows us to vary the resistance without moving our hands from the handlebars.

And to reinforce the feeling of an authentic bicycle, we have sought to provide its structure with a certain level of flex, to get away from the unnatural rigidity that stationary bicycles usually transmit.

The Exercycle is loaded with technology. From the outset it has a precise power meter, an essential tool to assess our level of effort in detail.

It also has a LCD monitor in the center of the handlebar that gives us direct vision to a large amount of information.

It has FTP test to calculate threshold watts, a Polar 5KHz telemetric pulse receiver, and a Bluetooth FTMS module that enables full compatibility with leading cycling simulators.

You can connect to Zwift, Kinomap, Rouvy or Bkool no problem and get the most out of everything virtual cycling has to offer. Or participate in their online competitions in the best possible conditions.

As for its aesthetic, the images speak for themselves.

 The Exercyle has a compact and understated design with many aesthetic nods to a real bike. Everything you need to become the Smart Bike for true cyclists

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