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Fitif Power, "low cost" power measurement at 9,95 €

One of the reasons why many cyclists and triathletes still do not use a power meter to train and compete is because it can be a bit expensive investment.

 The use of power meters They are increasingly established in cyclists and triathletes to be able to train in a more specific way and have more information about their training and competitions. Is a highly recommended investment for anyone who wants to train with more data, to have the power in addition to heart rate, cadence and sensations.

Thanks to the application Fitif Power we can include power data in our training. Once this application is installed and configured, it is capable of estimating the average power every 15”, an acceptable precision for calculated values.


To use Fitif Power! first of all it is essential GPS,  since it works essentially with the geolocation and the barometer / altimeter of the iPhone.

Likewise, it is advisable to use and connect to a Bluetooth cadenímetro, since the data will be much more precise. Finally, it must be taken into account that it is and serves only for exteriors.

Fit power cycling power app


More information and download: http://store.capitannugget.com/26-ciclismo

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