UNIBIKE: 3 proposals for Triathlete with German technology FOCUS

Cayo Evo, Izalco Max and Izalco Crono Max, interesting proposals in UNIBIKE.



Throughout the weekend on the stand shared by the brands between the Focus / Cervélo brands we could see their new models presented for the 2015.

FOCUS Cayo Evo and Izalco Max road bike

La Evo Key It is a good bet for short distance triathlons or half-distance competitions at a first price. It has a carbon frame that offers maximum lightness (770 gr) and rigidity. Share the technology of the frame with the Izalco Max 1.0 model.


PVP: 3.700 €

UNIBIKE: 3 proposals for Triathlete with German FOCUS technology, material_focusizalco_260914


Focus Izalco Max

El Izalco Max It is a top-of-the-range model since its components are 100% carbon, providing more stability and less weight (smaller frame of 700 grams). This is the bike used by the team UCI PRO TOUR AG2R La Mondiale.

PVP: 9.600

UNIBIKE: 3 proposals for Triathlete with German FOCUS technology, material_focuscrhono_260914


Focus Izalco Chrono Max

This bicycle for triathlon It was born with the aim of reaching the maximum speed demanded by professional time trialists or triathletes in the race.  Izalco Chrono Max represents the top of the German Engineering of FOCUS.

This bicycle stands out for its minimal weight and its great aerodynamics, the result of the work of the FOCUS engineers. It has fully integrated systems and fast maneuvering mechanisms, making it a great bike for medium and long distance triathlon.

With 3 different models, the FOCUS brand offers a "goat" from 3.000 to 9.600 euros

Further information: http://www.focus-bikes.com/


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