FREE SPIRIT, the new spring-summer 2022 cycling collection from Inverse

Under the slogan "Enjoy your new adventure”, Inverse presents the new FREE SPIRIT collection with 3 new unisex ranges of cycling clothing for spring-summer.

Inverse wants you to enjoy the quality and comfort of its cycling clothing to the fullest. For this reason, they present FREE SPIRIT, the new unisex spring-summer cycling collection for 2022.

A collection made with new generation technical fabrics to withstand high temperatures. If your spirit is free, this is your cycling clothing.

The new spring-summer cycling collection is made up of three new ranges: SATY, FERA and KOSMIK. Each of these new ranges are designed to cover all the needs of the cyclist.

Jerseys and shorts that will allow you to discover new routes and landscapes in total comfort for miles and miles, without being affected by the heat.

 FREE SPIRIT is also a firm commitment to equality in the designs of cycling clothing for men and women, since all their jerseys are unisex.


FERA is the range of jerseys and shorts perfect for immersing yourself in nature.

Designed to enjoy all kinds of routes, no matter how long, like never before, traveling the most demanding trails thanks to the incredible breathability provided by its ergonomic design and technical fabrics.

The FERA range is made up of 3 unisex jersey models and 2 shorts (one for men and one for women):


KOSMIK is perfect to enjoy those hours of sunshine that the day after a hard day's work gives you.

La comfort and elasticity they are the premise of the new unisex jerseys from the KOSMIK range. Enjoying and rejoicing in those moments of disconnection will be possible with KOSMIK.

The KOSMIK range is made up of 3 unisex jersey models and 1 shorts


 The two unisex jerseys in the SATY range are specially designed for road cycling.

The freshness and lightness of the SATY jersey encourage you to pedal for hours on kilometers and kilometers of asphalt. It is a FIT cut unisex special edition that has been designed in such a way that it adapts perfectly to the complexion of your body, whatever it may be.

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