Are mirrored goggles only for outdoor swimming?

Our friends at Arena have dismantled the myth

The choice of swimming goggles is harder every time. It's not just complicated anymore choose the best model of glasses that best suits each swimmer, but also, you have to know choose the color of the glass that best suits the different needs.

Although many swimmers love the mirror effect, There is a common thought that identifies mirrored glasses with exclusive use for outdoors.

Is this true? Our friends at Arena invite you to discover something more about mirrored glasses and their different colors.

How is the “mirror effect” made?

Not everyone knows it but the mirror effect is done through a coating that is placed on light or dark lenses interchangeablytherefore swimmers they could wear mirrored glasses regardless of their usual environment training and light.

Lens color

You have probably noticed that the range of mirrored glasses of sand, it has different colors in its crystals, there are completely transparent lenses and others that are very dark, almost black, which can also have a mirror coating.

The wide range of colors is not intended to satisfy personal taste from consumers but there is a reason specific for each of them.

The color of the lens is designed to adapt to a specific light environment within the pool.

For this reason, even when choosing glasses with mirrorswimmers must be careful to choose the correct glass color. Having said this we can affirm that we have dismantled the myth:

"NOr it is true that mirrored lenses are suitable only for swimming outdoors, they can also be used indoors choosing the color of the glass suitable for each circumstance!

Here we leave you a color guide to help you choose the appropriate color when choosing glasses.

color guide color choice swimming goggles
color guide color choice swimming goggles

For those who swim indoors

We highly recommend that you use light colored crystals, as are the Light Blue, yellow or even transparent.

This type of crystals son suitable for indoor pools with some access to natural light. Conversely, if you swim outdoors in sunny conditions, you should wear dark glasses or lenses, such as navy blue or smoke color.

Last updated on June 16, 2024 22:05

The dark lens protects the eyes from sunlight.

These colors provide extra shade, if we also add the mirror effect, they will reflect the light while swimming outdoors, in well-lit pools and / or in competitions.

Botton line

las clear or blue lenses consist of suitable for indoor use in low light conditions, They prioritize clear visibility over shading in sunlight.

By contrast, the darkest and almost black crystals, adapt to use outdoors or in bright light conditions, as they provide greater comfort against powerful lighting or sunlight.


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