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(Video) How to do a domestic maintenance of the bicycle?

There are simple things we can do ourselves at home

To keep your bike in optimal condition, we recommend regular maintenance services.

So since Trek, they have sent us a series of recommendations so that now in this moment where we have more time, we can make a good review of our bicycle.

Sometimes it is necessary to take the bike to the store, but there are simple things we can do ourselves at home and that they tell us from Trek.

We recommend that you carry out these simple procedures every 25 hours, or when you consider it necessary.

How to wash your bike?

A clean bicycle is a happy bicycle. Bicycles often accumulate dirt, dust, and debris from roads and trails.

Keeping the bike clean protects your investment by extending the life of its components, protecting your paint and ensuring a great riding experience.

How to clean and lubricate the chain

Keeping the chain clean and lubricated will allow everything to run smoothly, extend the life of the chain, and ensure the shifting works properly.

A clean chain doesn't wear down the cassette as quickly and saves you money in the long run. Clean chains are also quieter, so they'll invite you on many more group tours.

Previous revision

With a simple pre-review you will be able to know exactly what you should adjust before shooting and what requires a more thorough review.

This process has been designed to be quick, simple and easy to do before going out to ride.

Further information: https://www.trekbikes.com/es 


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