Hyperice presents the Normatec 3.0

It is the latest product of its iconic normatec series

Hyperice, a global high-performance wellness brand, is proud to introduce Normatec 3 by Hyperice, a new and improved model of their iconic Normatec series.

The Normatec line uses dynamic air compression to work on the daily well-being of users as well as help faster recovery, better training and maximized performance, at all angles.

Scientific studies have shown that the benefits of using Normatec include: decreased sensitivity to pain, muscle fatigue after exercise, y a noticeable increase in range of motion.

In order to transfer all its benefits in the simplest way possible, Normatec 3 presents a renewed system design with a much more intuitive interface, for an 11% less weight than previous versions, for an 50% increase in battery life (three hours of total autonomy with a full charge) and the ability to unlock higher-level features and customization through the Bluetooth-connected Hyperice app.

All this makes Normatec 3 the ultimate massage experience for everyone. Normatec 3 is available for legs exclusively, For the lower body (legs and hips) and for a complete experience in the whole body (legs, hips and arms), besides being compatible with the accessories of the previous editions of Normatec.

Thanks to the patented technology of precision pulse, Normatec helps increase circulation, revive muscles and reduce swelling, which has made it the first choice of elite athletes, pop culture icons and consumers around the world.

"The mission at Hyperice is to help everyone on earth move better, and with Normatec 3, we've made the most innovative technology on the market today more accessible to more people than ever before," said Jim Huether, CEO. of Hyperice.

He further adds that “we have not sacrificed anything in terms of the science, benefits and quality that the Normatec line has become known for, and this launch only further cements our mission and position as a leader in this space.”

Normatec 3 is sold by 999 euros and is already available in Spain from today. For more information about the Normatec 3, you can visit: https://hyperice.com/es/

Explosive growth through accessibility

 Hyperice acquired Normatec in March 2020 to accelerate its ability to offer a more holistic solution for performance recovery – and to continue to serve the elite athlete community, while also providing more accessibility to secure everyday athletes. daily recovery routines.

As a result, more than 120.000 Normatec units have been sold worldwide and the company forecasts nine-figure revenue from the Normatec line in 2023, as further expansions of the Normatec line are planned throughout the year.

Grounded in Purpose, High in Performance

Normatec was originally developed to help people undergoing breast cancer treatment who often suffered from lymphedema caused by the removal or damage of their lymph nodes.

Finding no satisfactory non-invasive treatment options for swelling, Dr. Laura Jacobs, Ph.D., a bioengineer, recognized the powerful potential of dynamic external compression and its crucial role in healing and recovery.

She developed a compression massage pattern that mimics the body's natural muscle pumps, one-way valves in the venous system, and peristalsis (cyclic waves of compression) to effectively mobilize fluids and improve circulation, reduce swelling, and speed recovery .

The compression system he created was incredibly effective, providing greater mobility and profound healing results for his patients.

To continue his legacy, his son Gilad Jacobs, who is now Hyperice's Director of Innovation, recognized that this innovation would be beneficial to athletes, so he worked closely with athletes from the NBA, NFL and the IRONMAN triathlon community. to pioneer the development of what is now the Normatec by Hyperice line, named after his grandmother, Norma.

«From a hospital recovery room, to the locker room, to backstage dressing rooms on world tours, to physical therapy clinics around the world, and now at the IRONMAN finish lines, Normatec has become synonymous with recovery.Gilad Jacobs said.

«We've been able to gain authenticity and ubiquity through the medical community, then through professional sports, and now we're seeing the popularity of Normatec transcend into pop culture.

Our mission has always been to bring Normatec products to as many people as possible to support their individual recovery needs – and I'm proud to be able to offer Normatec 3 at a much more affordable price without sacrificing the innovation and technological advances that Normatec has come to support. is known. "

For more information visit: https://hyperice.com/es/

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