Joma presents its collection for 2024  

Joma, the renowned sports brand, has unveiled its long-awaited collection for the year 2024.  

The Portillo de Toledo headquarters was the setting chosen for this great event, where several emblematic sports figures were present. 

Among the attendees, names such as the former world number 1 of padel stood out Juani Mieres, the outstanding player José Antonio García Diestro, the former Olympic athlete Ruth Beitia, the long distance runner Juan Carlos Higuero, and the new stars of the trail team Miguel Heras y Gemma Arenas.  

These athletes, ambassadors of Joma, not only contributed their presence but also their experience, vital in the development and improvement of the new product lines. 

Joma's 2024 collection is characterized by its innovation and adaptation to the demands of modern sports.  

During the event, the athletes, members of Joma's textile and footwear design departments, shared the technical characteristics of the products with more than 30 media outlets, highlighting their functionality and avant-garde design. 

Joma, with more than 50 years of experience, has known how to evolve and adapt to new times.  

This was evident in the guided tour of its facilities, where attendees were able to learn up close about the origin and values ​​of the company, as well as the meticulous process of creating its products. 

The event also served to reaffirm Joma's commitment to sports, especially in disciplines such as paddle tennis, running and trail running.  

The brand has intensified its presence in these sports through strategic sponsorships and the development of specialized products, thus demonstrating its ability to meet the needs of high-performance athletes. 

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