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The Santini triathlon monkey collection for IRONMAN

SANTINI is since last year official sponsor of the IRONMAN circuit worldwide.

The benchmark Italian brand in cycling and triathlon SANTINI Since last year, it has been the official sponsor of the IRONMAN circuit worldwide.

An excellent track record has led him to join forces with IRONMAN becoming the official sportswear sponsor in all their careers.

There is no doubt that the Italian brand is international reference, both for the quality of their garments, as well as the performance they offer the athlete and their careful design.

Santini, this year has launched a line of clothing specially designed for IRONMAN , called Santini X IRONMAN.

Collections for men, women and children

There are specific collections for men, women, children and the special Kona edition, which we could try in first person.

Next we leave you the most outstanding models of each category

Male collection



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