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The new BH Aerolight

The new BH Aerolight represents the ultimate road bike. A model that combines the concepts of lightness under which the BH Ultralight was born, and the aerodynamics that characterize the emblematic BH G8s.

It debuts a spectacular design line dominated by the shapes of its new fork that give it its own personality.

Aerodynamics have been one of the mainstays in BH launches in recent years.

Many seasons adding knowledge on how to gain seconds on the clock without investing an extra watt. That accumulated experience, based on hundreds of hours of simulations and prototypes, reaches its peak at the BH Aerolight.

The lines of its frame and tubes adopt the Kamm Tail shapes used in the past and now applied to all possible places on the bike.

It is about providing each tube with a section shaped like a drop cut at the end, the best solution to achieve maximum aerodynamic effectiveness.

Air Bow, one more step in aerodynamics

The striking shape of the BH Aerolight fork is part of the Air Bow concept, which has improved the overall aerodynamics of the bike and is also applied to the rear seatstays.

The internal space between the wheel and the fork has been increased to the maximum in order to achieve that the air flows between these two parts. Thanks to the additional space, the pressure against the air is reduced and it generates less turbulence.

The result on the road? The new BH Aerolight has reduced drag (the force that the bike undergoes when moving through the air) by 15,9%. That translates to 5W savings at high speeds.

In addition, the curved Air Bow design helps dissipate vibrations caused by the asphalt, achieving greater control and driving comfort without affecting performance.

950 grams, lightness and stiffness for an aero frame

BH Aerolight bike
BH Aerolight bike

The objective when developing the new Aerolight was clear, to achieve a frame with aerodynamic lines while maintaining a low weight and a high level of stiffness, the fundamental pillars of a competition bike.

Carbon lamination has been optimized to the maximum, studying the thicknesses of each point to achieve the best possible relationship between weight and stiffness.

 In addition, using the HCIM (Hollow Core Internal Molding) construction technique, a frame is achieved without imperfections inside and with the best possible compaction. Less material means less weight, but not less performance.

The result is an aero line frame of just 950 grams.

Full integration

The new steering and handlebar assembly is fully integrated forming a block of continuous lines with the head tube, which together with the fully internal wiring, contributes to aerodynamics and aesthetics.

This integration line is also reflected in the seat post and its integrated closure, which provides rigidity and improves the aerodynamic appearance.

 There is no lack of details such as the closing of the wheels with the lever completely hidden and that does not require tools.

The Aerolight universe is completed with a range of accessories that perfectly match the shapes of the frame and maintain its aerodynamics.

 A hydration system consisting of a bottle and a specific bottle holder has been designed, which benefits the airflow of the bicycle, and is complemented by the Aerolight Toolbox.

In addition, given the importance of road safety, a rear position light integrated into the seat post has been developed.

Top-of-the-range components

Components of the new BH Aerolight
Components of the new BH Aerolight

BH Unique, 32.000 combinations to create your unique bike

Create a unique bike. This is the goal of the BH Unique program, which offers up to 32.000 color combinations for your new BH to reflect your tastes and personality.

The BH Aerolight is available from BH Unique in addition to a range of 5 different colors as standard.


The new Aerolight has a range of 4 models that starts from € 5.299,90 to € 11.900,90 at the top of the range

Models of the new BH Aerolight
Models of the new BH Aerolight

Learn more https://aerolight.bhbikes.com/ 

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