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The New Bicycle BH G8 Disc

A new evolution of the most successful road bike concept in the high-end BH

H Bikes launches the new BH G8 Disc, the model designed to unite performance, aerodynamics and design in a single bicycle.

Price 8.899 €

A new evolution of most successful road bike concept in the high-end. The BH G8 Disc grants the Advantages of an aero frame with the strengths of a traditional bicycle to create an off-road machine capable of taking on any challenge at the highest level. Its contained weight and the perfect integration of the disc brakes complete a model for the most demanding.

The BH G8 Disc enters a new era of integration by adapting its entire front to achieve a completely internal wiring. The cables go directly to the handlebar interior to go through the power and go inside the frame without being visible at any time. A completely new cable-free aesthetic.

This new front part has served to initiate a series of aerodynamic plane improvements. Thanks to the computer analysis of the wind tunnel and fluid dynamics, the line of each point of the frame has been optimized to improve its aerodynamics. The BH G8 range continues to honor its history and remains the benchmark for road bikes with an aero profile, a field in which it has evolved a lot in recent seasons.

The construction of the frame starts from the HCIM-Hollow Core Internal Molding technology, with which BH Bikes already has a long experience. The best way to achieve light boxes, thanks to the total control of the thickness at each point and to a spectacular level of finish of the frame (both external and internal), without imperfections or places where useless material remains. It is the key to keeping the frame weight impressive. 920 grams, a very outstanding fact in an aero line chart.

The entire rear has been redesigned with two lenses: On the one hand, achieve the perfect integration of the rear disc brake caliper, with flat mount anchor, and all the additional forces that this braking system generates. On the other hand, it has been possible to give enough space to be able to use 700 × 28 tires without problems in all sizes. The pods become thinner and asymmetric to improve pedaling performance.

The New Bicycle BH G8 Disc

There is also a renewed and minimalist closing for the through axles of the wheels (12 mm diameter). One of the vital points of this closure is that you do not need tools to open or close it, since it has a hidden and removable handle to carry out these actions. Integration has also been the key premise in the saddle lock, with a double-tightened clamp snugly fitting into the frame line of the BH G8 Disc.

The BH Bikes patented system could not be missing to install the Di2 groups battery. Located on the seat post, and easily fixed with a clip, it is an easy to mount, light and safe solution.

As for geometry, most of the numbers are inherited from its predecessor, with an approach that seeks to achieve a manageable and safe bicycle. The slooping of the frame is maintained, and the head tube is high, attached to a short rear part and to a seat tube that varies its shape to take full advantage of stiffness and aerodynamics.

The bar was very high, but the new BH G8 Disc is a further step in terms of integration, aerodynamics and performance.

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