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Launch of the first «custom-made» swimming goggles, THEMAGIC5

Through an APP and 3D technology they are able to manufacture 100% personalized goggles for the swimmer's face.

Are you one of those who always stop in the pool, adjusting your glasses, cleaning the water that enters or adjusting the glasses for discomfort?

Now you will no longer have to suffer it, since with the new glasses THEMAGIC5, the world's first personalized swimming goggles, you will have a 100 accessory% adjusted to your face. The protective glasses will have a starting price of € 55

The company THEMAGIC5 is ready to launch the world's first personalized glasses after a huge crowdfunding campaign.

After more than 2 years of development and many testsYes, the THEMAGIC5 are ready to hit the market, a 100% innovative and personalized swimming goggles.

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How did the idea come about?

It is well known that many swimmers suffer discomfort when swimming, with discomfort, uncomfortable adjustments, water ingress, etc.

From the brand, they carried out a survey to find out these data: 78% of the respondents experienced discomfort when wearing normal goggles, while 69% commented that they suffered the entry of water while swimming.

This survey opened the company's eyes and they began the journey to develop the world's first personalized glasses.

How is the proccess? What technology do they use?

The technology behind the glasses is simple. THEMAGIC5 has developed an innovative new technology that can 3D outline the face through a mobile APP . With this application the glasses are will perfectly fit the athlete's face and in just 5 days they will be at home


Anders Lie Nielsen, a 2-time Olympic swimmer and co-founder of the company comments: «I am very excited about the THEMAGIC5 glasses. There is a tremendous difference from traditional glasses and makes training much more enjoyable"

"We have invented technologies, rethought the design and production process of our product: everything to guarantee the best swimming experience "Says THEMAGIC5 CO-founder Rasmus Barfred.

Currently more than 2.000 units have already been shipped to more than 75 countries and six continents. Everything indicates that it is a before in the world of swimming.

If you are interested you can buy THEMAGIC5 glasses directly through the official website: https://themagic5.com

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