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The perfect glasses for triathletes: Zoggs Predator

We are in the triathlon era and for this, Zoggs has the perfect model

With the beginning of good weather, the triathlon season also begins and that is why Zoggs advises lovers of this discipline to use the right glasses.

Also, the Australian brand of swimming accessories has the star model for the practice of triathlon: Predator. Specifically, the version Smoke White by Predator It's the bestseller of Zoggs. The name of the model is given by the type of smoked glass. In addition, the glasses have the Ultra Fit gasket technology, For a better fit to the face and to make them comfortable, the soft silicone of the eye contour is of high quality.

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As we are talking about some glasses specific for triathlons and open water, the Predator Smoke White glass is smoked, for sunny days and high luminosity, that does not bother the eye and impair visibility.

Finally, at the level of details you also have double tape easy adjustment, for a comfortable and fast placement, without sacrificing the resistance or durability of these bands, as they are also high performance silicone.

In this way, this goggle is a benchmark in the sea for its great comfort, its fit and its great shock-proof fastening. We know that in triathlons, the exits are hard, with many competitors and with this model, its adjustment stands out in this type of tests and in open waters.

Technical details:

  • Approved by FINA
  • Curved lens technology, which provides 180 degrees of peripheral visibility without distortion
  • Wiro technology with unique bio-tech long-lasting frame
  • Fogbuster anti-mist system to provide uniform control of moisture and clear vision in the water
  • Maximum UV400 protection to ensure safe swimming

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