WIGGLE presents the new "LifeLine Sportive Tool"

Wiggle, one of the leading companies in the online sale of sports equipment, has created a new brand "LIFELINE"Who designs material and specific tools to make life easier for cyclists and triathletes.



On this occasion we have come to the writing of TRIATLON NEWS a repair pack that contains everything you need to take to training and competition with guarantees that, if you click, You can fix it as soon as possible.


LifeLine is a professional multitool which also comes with Levers for the dismantling of the wheels, as well as patches and a bottle.


The key is what stands out in this pack, made of aluminum that guarantees not to rust and remain as the first day for a long period of time, this key has  14 different applications between keys (2mm, 2,5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8) 3 Torx (T25, T27 and T30) and normal and flat head screwdrivers, valid for repairs of MTB and / or road and with only 86 gr of weight .


"LifeLine Sportive Tool"


Next to her we have a game with 3 levers, very compact and light, With a very thin lever that allows to enter the wheel easily and with guarantees to remain intact as it is a compact model and a careful design because it allows to hook one another to form a single "pack" and facilitate its transport to occupy much less than this form.

The patches are 12 in total, self-adhesive and that come in a compact and lightweight bag perfect for repairs and to carry on the bike or jacket.


In addition, with all this pack you can find a bottle for water, with a careful design and guide marks to know the remaining volume.

CONCLUSION: "LifeLine Sportive Tool" is an indispensable and totally light tool and is presented as a good gift idea for this Christmas. Its key stands out for its small size, designed to transmit the greatest strength and durability, the levers are compact and lightweight, which makes both tools a good ally for training and / or competition.


You can find it at:


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