The new BH Aerolight Disc arrives

Maximum performance and speed in any condition

The brand has launched the renewed BH Aerolight Disc, the machine destined to file seconds in each kilometer and win the constant fight against the wind.

Everything in the BH Aerolight Disc is new although a concept of the previous version is maintained

The Kamm-Tail design, whereby the fork and diagonal tube are intended to draw the shape of the front wheel as much as possible.

This generates a larger flat surface that improves its wind penetration characteristics.

The fork is another fundamental point in the aerodynamic section and in this case a design has been integrated with a wide wheel passage that allows air to flow between wheel and frame without creating turbulence.

There is no exposed cable or hose since the ACR system allows a completely internal guidance, eliminating elements that generate any aerodynamic damage, in addition to achieving a clean and elegant aesthetic.



  • Frame: Aerolight Carbon Monocoque
  • Fork: Aerolight Disc Integrated Full Carbon, ACR
  • Stem: FSA NS ACR
  • Address: FSA ACR


  • Shift levers: Shimano DI2 TT
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace DI2
  • Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace DI2
  • Bottom Bracket: FSA Metron
  • Cassette: Shimano Dura Ace 11/30
  • Chain: Shimano Dura Ace


  • Front brake: Shimano Dura Ace Hydra
  • Rear Brake: Shimano Dura Ace Hydra


  • Wheelset: Vision Metron 81 Disc
  • Tires: Hutchinson Fusion 5 700 × 28


  • Saddle: T-Gale Prologue
  • Seat Closure: Aerolight
  • Seatpost: Aerolight


  • Handlebar: Vision Carbon TT ACR

In the technical section all BH technology has been used when manufacturing carbon frames.

Since the election of the best fibers (Toray T800 and T500) to the use of Hollow Core Internal Molding technology to eliminate imperfections inside the frame and optimize the thicknesses in each zone.

The weight also counts in the triathlon and thanks to it the BH Aerolight Disc is light and rigid even for the largest triathletes.

To that rigidity contributes the use of a BB368 EVO bottom bracket, with oversized measures that improve the rigidity of the frame at the most important point.

The geometry is markedly racing, as it could not be less for a thoroughbred competition.

The arrival of disc brakes It has brought a series of changes in the picture. He has opted for the minimalist flat mount anchor for brake calipers. 140 or 160 mm discs can be used.

The entire rear part of the frame has been designed to withstand the additional forces generated by the use of this type of brakes.

Our pods are asymmetrics and contribute to good rigidity in any situation allowing use covers up to 28 mm wide.

The arrival of disc brakes is a huge increase in security, especially in adverse weather conditions, in addition to an increase in speed.

You can brake later and with less effort. In a sport where filing seconds to the clock is a constant this is an important advance.

Through axes have been used for 12mm diameter wheel lock, another element that adds global rigidity to the picture.

You can also disassemble the wheel without using external tools. In case of using Di2 change systems, the battery is completely hidden in the steering pipe thanks to a patented clip system that keeps it isolated from external elements.

The BH Aerolight Disc range consists of 3 models, all using the same frame. Prices start from € 4.999,90 of the BH Aerolight Disc 4.0 and are available in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL).

 Customizable with My BH Unique

The Aerolight Disc will soon be available in the BH Unique customization program where you can choose the painting of the painting, creating your own configuration with 32 different colors.

You can also modify the assembly of components

How much?

  • RRP BH Aerolight Disc 6.0 : € 8.999,90
  • RRP BH Aerolight Disc 5.0 : € 6.999,90
  • RRP BH Aerolight Disc 4.0 : € 4.999,90

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