Inverse reveals the jersey design for the 2022th edition of La Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour XNUMX

The new jersey for the XNUMXth edition of La Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour is manufactured by Inverse

A new edition of La Alp_Cerdanya Cycle Tour -already the VIIth- demonstrates how the Pyrenean region of La Cerdanya is a true paradise for cyclists, making this event one of the most coveted by cyclists.

From February 17, 2022, The registration period for the VIIth edition of La Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour, surely one of the best cycling experiences that can be enjoyed in the Pyrenees.

The appointment is Sunday 24 de julio del 2022, when a new edition of the march will start, which fortunately has been dodging the Covid-19 pandemic and has been held uninterruptedly in recent years with some restrictions.


After far surpassing the obligatory exercise of adaptation to the health circumstances, the protocols carried out and the collaboration of all those involved made it possible not to suspend any edition of the Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour. Fortunately, in the 2022 edition, a return to normality is expected, or almost normal, which allows participants to enjoy a more relaxed sports experience.

With slight variations of the route through the Catalan region of La Cerdanya, which add a few more kilometers and a little more accumulated difference in altitude, the three routes to be chosen by the participants of the Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour are: Sport 89 km (1.267 D+), Medial 145 km (2.637 D+) and Endurance 185 km (3.635 D+), so that each cyclist can be part of this cycling experience according to their objectives and characteristics.


The Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour has become a reference for lovers of national and international cycling. The expectation is so great that the first tranche of the discounted price of €50, the first 100 numbers, sold out in the first hours.

Currently, the price of the second subsidized section -from 101 to 400 registered- is 55.- €. The last section of registered -from 601 to 1000 registered- will reach 65.- €. Therefore, it is highly recommended to guarantee our registration as soon as possible so as not to stay without a place and take advantage of a more advantageous price.


All participants have the Inverse commemorative jersey included in the registration of the VII edition of 2022 of La Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour.

With a color and design that will not leave anyone indifferent, the new Inverse jersey for the 2022th edition of the XNUMX La Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour is made with COULTEX fabric. This fabric is very breathable, and is ideal for facing the hot days of July in the mountains. The microfiber filaments give this garment elasticity, resistance, softness in contact with the skin and excellent breathability.

The sides of the jersey for the 2022th edition of the XNUMX La Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour are made with the THINK fabric, allowing these sides to be completely elastic and breathable, joined with HIDE-type seams.

The sleeves of the jersey are made with LYCRA ULTRALIGHT fabric, a fabric that fits perfectly to the anatomy of the arm, providing a pleasant aerodynamic sensation, and in turn, protects from the sun.

The neck of the jersey is also anatomical. The zipper of the jersey is of the magnetic type with Skin PROTECTION. And the waist of the cycling jersey has an elastic band, with silicone inside. The jersey also has 3 pockets that are easy to access and fit well on the back.


As a novelty, the organization of the VII edition of 2022 of La Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour, offers all cyclists who sign up the possibility of acquiring other merchandising cycling clothing manufactured by Inverse.

Specifically, through the La Alp-Cerdanya Cycle Tour website, participants will be able to purchase a personalized cycling vest with the design of the event, and also a custom cycling shorts also with the design of the event.

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