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More power in SIGMA AURA headlights, with 35, 45 and 80 lux

SIGMA SPORT increases its range of AURA headlights, with three new models.

SIGMA SPORT increases its range of AURA headlights, with three new models.

new rechargeable headlights AURA 35 USBAURA 45 USB and AURA 80 USB complete the assortment of the AURA series, offering adequate lighting on the bicycle, for any requirement or price level.




With its solid light range of approximately 45 meters It is designed for vehicular traffic. It has two lighting modes: standard and eco.

In standard mode it provides the 35 lux and has a power on duration of 5 hours approximately. In eco mode, the number of lux is reduced to 15 and the power up duration increases to 12 hours.

Its lateral luminous elements Increase the safety of the cyclist. The small AURA 35 USB is designed for urban cyclists, and is an excellent option for students because of its value for money.




It stands out for its powerful 45 lux and a Harmonious light projection that illuminates the four zones at a distance of up to 55 meters.

Cyclists concerned with safety will appreciate that it integrates a luminosity sensor, to automatically adapt the intensity to the ambient lighting. This guarantees the maximum ignition duration possible.

The AURA 45 has two lighting modes: with the standard mode, at maximum power, the ignition duration is 6,5 hours, and with the eco mode its duration triples up to 21 hours, with a light intensity of 15 lux. Thus, it is the perfect companion for daily tours when night falls. 



With its 80 lux, it stands out for its light range of up to 90 meters, becoming a perfect companion also far from paved streets.

Thanks to its indicators at the top, the cyclist always has in view the remaining battery level and the selected lighting mode.

 The four lighting modes (80, 60, 40 and 20 lux) provide total flexibility to the AURA 80 USB. It also has a light guide along the two sides so that the cyclist is much more visible to other vehicles. The new top model of the AURA series is the companion Perfect for demanding cyclists.

An additional novelty in this range of products is the concept of improved packaging, with cartons certified according to FSC. SIGMA completely dispenses with plastics, and instead of them, it is committed to an open box design, which with its modern design offers a better presentation of the product at the point of sale.

 As standard, all SIGMA SPORT bicycle headlights are splash protected according to IPX4. The practical silicone support is firmly attached to the AURA headlights and guarantees both fast and precise fixing on any handlebar on the market. He assembly without tools It allows you to remove the headlight at the end of each tour and store it safely or recharge it.

 The AURA 35 USB, AURA 45 USB and AURA 80 USB are now available on the market, alone or in set versions with the NUGGET II USB rear headlight.

In addition, the AURA 80 will also be available in an additional set with the new BLAZE rear headlight, starting next week. The MICRO USB charging cable is included with all products.

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