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MaxS´system presents the revolutionary support TAPPY with bottle cage «KR7»

As it's usual maxS'system Do not stop surprising us with new and revolutionary new designs accessories for our bike that make our training and competition.

This time he presents the sTAPPY support, a support that facilitates the extraction of the boat from the water while you are in training and / or competition, located on the front of the bike, as shown in the picture Ricardo Abad, which gives you the possibility without having to make any type of rotation to extract it from the bike frame, to be able to place it in the front allowing you to keep in the correct position without losing cadence during pedaling.

Max'sSystem you already have these available bottle cage "TAPPY" adjustable. The installation is very simple, the support goes to the steering cover and allows ANGULAR AND LONGITUDINAL REGULATION, that is, it can be placed horizontally or at an angle for a quicker and easier extraction and has two longitudinal positions to move it closer or further away.

Nowadays it is used by triathlon and ultra-background figures as MIQUEL BLANCHART, RAUL AMATRIAIN, MIKEL ELGEZABAL, JULIAN SANZ and RICARDO ABAD.

The "TAPPY" support is available with several bottle cages:

Support "TAPPY" with Bottle Cage "KR7" White or red Ferrari

PVP: 57,00 WEIGHT: 52 grs. (set) Support "TAPPY" with bottle cage "BLACK", "RED or" WHITE "

PVP: 40,00 WEIGHT: 75 grs.

"TAPPY" support with "SUMMIT" Carbon bottle cage (Double Regulation)

PVP: 57,00 WEIGHT: 57 grs.


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