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Best cheap spinning bikes

Spinning is a sport that in recent years has aroused passions. It is done in a stationary bicycle specially designed for this discipline, that is, in a spinning bike, and its practice provides the body with various beneficial effects.

What are the benefits of indoor cycle training or spinning?

El indoor cycle or spinning is generally a collective activity under the direction of an instructor, who sets the intensity of the exercise with music. The spinning bike is a stationary bicycle with very specific specifications.

Sessions last between 45 and 60 minutes, and rarely longer than that. Because it is an aerobic exercise, cardiovascular endurance is worked very well, with emphasis on the lower body (legs and buttocks).

When you take special care of your posture on the saddle, you also work very effectively and intensely on the core, which is the abdominal area, since in the speed breaks it is necessary to activate the transverse and contract the abdominal muscles to be able to maintain the posture. on the chair correctly and not bouncing.

Depending on the types of session that are done, it is feasible to work cardiovascular resistance but also speed training or interval work, which allows rapid adaptation to the intensity applied in each session.

Because it is a cardiovascular activity, it is appropriate to burn fat. And then let's get into the benefits that the indoor cycle.

  • Sessions with spinning bike they combine aerobic and anaerobic training –due to rhythm changes–, which is beneficial for the heart.
  • Burns fat and reduces volume, tones muscles and strengthens legs and buttocks.
  • It is a powerful remedy against stress, since doing it releases a large amount of endorphins in the body, which makes us feel good and in a stronger mood.
  • On the other hand, it favors concentration, since in a session it is necessary to focus on the bpm of the music and rhythm the pedaling to them: this makes everything unrelated to the indoor cycle stay out of our mind.
  • As it is a low-impact exercise, injuries to the knee and ankle joints, or to the back, are unlikely. However, this is only possible with a proper posture on the saddle.

Differences between spinning and static bike

We already said that the spinning bike is a stationary bicycle with specific specifications.

La stationary bicycle It is the traditional one that we have seen in gyms and the one that first went on sale for home use. The models were scarce, as well as the differences between them and the variety.

La spinning bike, or of indoor cycle, is a variation of the stationary bicycle. Let's talk about what differentiates them.

Stationary bicycle

They are used mainly for cardiovascular workouts, never strength. However, the most notable technical difference is the flywheel.

It is capable of imitating the functions of a normal bicycle but without moving, since it works by means of a traction chain that has a brake adjustment; This system allows you to graduate the intensity of physical activity.

La stationary bicycle it is compact, the seat is generally comfortable and wide (it is inspired by a touring bike), and it can be used both at the gym and at home. Its use is quite simple.

Spinning bike

La spinning bike is a type of stationary bicycle that has been designed for a more intense workout. It is more similar to a road bike, with a seat type (antiprostatic), and allows you to adjust functions such as the height of the saddle, the handlebar and the distance between them.

It has no changes, but it does have a brake adjustment function, with which you can modify the intensity of the exercise. Have a flywheel (or disc or inertia wheel) that allows the wheel to keep moving even if we have stopped pedaling.

And why is the flywheel? For several reasons: the flywheel It accumulates kinetic energy produced by pedaling, which means that our movement is more natural when standing on the bike and the knee is not nailed when doing the push.

On the other hand, we can also modify the pedaling resistance to adjust it to a greater or lesser demand.

Obviously, the indoor cycle in a stationary bicycle traditional, mainly because the latter does not have the flywheel which, as we have seen, is fundamental.

El flywheel is what gives the feeling of riding a road bike when we do a indoor cycle or spinning.

Types of spinning bikes

The types of spinning bike They are given by several factors: inclusion of certain elements and the quality of the materials, as well as the possibility of adjusting the saddle and handlebar and characteristics of the latter.

Low range

Bicycles indoor cycle low-end bring LCD screen where to control the training. Their prices are quite affordable and you can start training without making an extreme investment.

They don't usually bring a flywheel large, as they are suitable for beginners (18 kilos and below).


The mid-range ones have LCD screen better quality, with more functions to measure the training and more information, such as the heart rate monitor. On the other hand, the price increases as they are quieter and the transmission belt is usually kept in better condition.

El flywheel usually exceeds 18 kilos (from 20 up); the materials are more durable and the handlebar and seat are reliably padded.


They are the spinning bikes used for top-level and professional training. They have the best equipment and are obviously the most expensive on the market.

The inertia wheel usually oscillates between 25 and more than 30 kilos, which gives them great stability. The LCD screen it is multifunctional and usually includes heart rate bands and sometimes a second heart rate monitor on the handlebar.

What does a good spinning bike have to have?

Heavy flywheel

Well, the first thing is that you have the flywheel, which can be placed in the rear or front, although the normal thing is that it is placed where the front wheel would go.

The weight of flywheel it should never be less than 18 kilos: this is a key factor that determines the quality of a spinning bike. The greater the weight, the greater the stability and the smoother pedaling.

El flywheel also provides more resistance when it comes to indoor cycle, since the more force we make in pedaling and the more resistance we use, the flywheel it will receive a greater load, and therefore it should be heavier.

Belt drive

It is a relevant factor when buying a spinning bike. Transmission is what connects the flywheel with the pedals, and transfers the effort from the body to the bike.

It can be of two types, chain or strap. The chain is more reliable, but requires more maintenance and adjustments and is louder. The strap is a better option, as it does not need maintenance and is quieter.


It can be of two types: magnetic or friction. The magnetic resistance is more modern, silent and durable and guarantees progressive braking. This makes the spinning bike.

The friction resistance, meanwhile, is made by one or two pads. If it is one, the brake is put on the flywheel, and if it is two, both are placed on the sides of the inertia disk, just like on the brakes of a road bike.

Who is recommended to buy a low / mid range bike? And high-end?

If you want to start training on your own, but do not want to spend on the gym fee, a good option is to buy one stationary bicycle spinning. Now, the range will depend on your goals and your level of training.

For example, the low and medium ranges are recommended for people who are just beginning to practice the indoor cycle and they don't have much knowledge about it. You can get real bargains for just over 100 euros, which translates into great accessibility.

The high end is recommended for those who seek to increase their performance and know very well what a professional spinning session looks like. It is a great investment due to its high prices.

Best low and mid-range spinning bikes

We have 6 models of low and medium ranges for you to choose from.

Fit-Force X24KG

La stationary bicycle de indoor cycle Fit-Force X24KG It is a device with an excellent quality / price ratio that has basic features recommended for beginners. The flywheel it is 24 kilos.


  • Bring a LCD screen where you can see all the data of your training, the resistance is variable and the grip can be adjusted because its handlebar is adjustable and triathlon, with different attachments.
  • It includes an aluminum bottle holder to place the water bottle while we train.
  • It is quite inexpensive and includes wheels for transportation.


  • This stationary bicycle it does not have preset programs.
  • It is not recommended for people of great stature.
  • The pedals do not have a cleat shoe system.
as of April 8, 2024 21:23
Last updated on July 17, 2024 04:35

Fit Force X16

The bicycle Fit Force X16 It is recommended for beginner workouts. Its LCD screen provides basic information to follow the training. It has a flywheel of 16 kilos.


  • It has adjustable intensity.
  • Adjustable handlebar saddle.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Belt drive.
  • Wheels for transport.


  • It supports a maximum weight of 95 kilos.
  • It is not suitable for people who are more than 1.75 meters tall.
as of April 8, 2024 21:23
Last updated on July 17, 2024 04:35

Gridinlux Trainer Alpine 6000

The bicycle indoor cycle Gridinlux Alpine 600 Trainer it has a good quality within the low-end bikes. It is perfect for training at home, even if you are not very demanding.

It has a 10 kg flywheel, ergonomic saddle and non-slip handlebar. It has a multifunction touch screen.


  • It is very quiet and stable.
  • The saddle and handlebar are height adjustable.
  • Good price.
  • Simple assembly and wheels to transport it.


  • Only for people with a maximum height of 1.80 meters.
as of April 8, 2024 21:23
Last updated on July 17, 2024 04:35

Fitfiu Fitness BESP-100

The Fitfiu Fitness BESP-100 is a stationary bicycle special for beginners. It is a bike of indoor cycle with a medium demand, which will make you sweat. its LCD screen It is quite basic and shows values ​​for distance, time, speed, heart rate and calories burned.


  • It is quite quiet and easy to assemble.
  • Excellent price / quality ratio.
  • Its flywheel is 16 kilos, with a medium level hardness.
  • Manual resistance control.
  • Height adjustable saddle and handlebar.


  • Does not accept slippers with toe clips.
  • You have to change the shoes after a while.
as of April 8, 2024 21:23
Last updated on July 17, 2024 04:35

Gridinlux Trainer Alpine 7000

The Gridinlux Alpine 7000 it is surprising for all its benefits. It has an excellent value for money, with a belt drive system. The saddle and handlebar are ergonomic, as well as adjustable in height.

The handlebar also has heart rate sensors. Its LCD screen is basic but functional. Its inertia wheel is 15 kilos, ideal for regular training.


  • It is very quiet.
  • Both the saddle and the handlebar are very comfortable and adjustable.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The LCD screen is very basic, it can be improved.

Fitfiu Fitness BESP-70

La stationary bicycle spinning Fitfiu Fitness BESP-70 stands out for its price. It has an inertia wheel of 13 kilos, several resistance levels to adjust the level of training and adjustable and padded saddle and handlebar.

You have the option of changing the steering wheel for another one of 16 or 24 kilos, and it holds up well sessions of indoor cycle intense.


  • Excellent price.
  • Change of steering wheel for a heavier one.
  • Has toe clips.


  • Its braking system is by friction.
  • It is not recommended for large workouts.

Best high-end bikes

La spinning bike high-end is recommended for high intensity workouts. We inform you about two models.

Fitfiu Fitness BESP-22

This model offers incredible features, perfect for professional exercise at home. The flywheel is 24 kilos and has mechanical resistance due to friction.

It incorporates the Silent + belt transmission system for a no noisy workout. It is designed for medium and high intensity training sessions of less than 10 hours a week.


  • Its LCD screen can control up to 5 parameters.
  • Top quality materials.
  • The mechanical resistance system allows different levels of training.
  • Super comfortable and adjustable saddle and handlebar, the first in 6 height points and 5 in other ways, and the second in 3 different height points.
  • Within those of this range, its price is quite moderate.


  • Over time, the transmission can become noisy.
  • It can give some trouble with the pedals.
  • Only for people up to 1.75 meters.

Sportstech SX500 Bicycle

La stationary bicycle spinning Sportstech SX500 It is one of the best professional spinning bikes. It has a powerful flywheel 25 kilos and multifunction screen with various programmed workouts.

This bike has a second heart rate monitor on the handlebar and a heart rate band. Includes pedals compatible with SPD cleats.


  • It is compatible with various apps, such as Kinomap, where you can find guided training sessions (also with the iBiking + Fitness App).
  • High quality materials, made to last.
  • It is very comfortable and silent.
  • Uniform pedaling.
  • Padded armrests.
  • Provides an intense workout.
  • Digital screen.


  • High price.

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